My university is located in the heart of Baghdad specifically in Al. Karrada. Anyway, Al.Esraa was founded in 2013. Now lets talk about its outside look. It's divided into three buildings, each building has a name. *The Medical Building
*The Middle Building (The central building)
*The Engineering Building
What I love the most in this university is its colors. it has the heavenly color windows. and the rest of the buildings are painted with white.
when I look at Al-Esraa, it feels as if you are looking at the sky.
I usually compare the white bricks into clouds and the heavenly windows into the sky.
Also it has a long center provided with two fountains, brown benches, benches for graduation photos, trees, also there are many columns that hold the Iraqi flag and Al-Esraa's logo.

~Next article i write more about my university and the places that surrounding it