hey everyone! since its back-to-school season, I thought I'd share some of my wisdom of how to get ready quickly and always be on time for school (or work/university)

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1. find a routine
it's so easy to find a routine that's right for you and that fits your time frame. play around with setting your alarm for an earlier/later time, making breakfast the night before etc. this will help you realise what you need to prioritise and how you can use your time effectively.

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2. know your priorities
this may be my biggest tip and the thing I took so long to learn: prioritise things that are important to you. if you want to spend extra time doing your makeup or travelling to wherever you need to go, factor these things in when sticking to your fixed schedule.

3. set out clothes/makeup/school supplies the night before
preparing for my school day the night before has changed my entire morning routine! it helps me save time as I don't have to pick out an outfit when I should be in my first period...

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4. establish a healthy night routine
this tip may sound strange and totally irrelevant, but I've found that turning off my phone and laptop half an hour before bed and reading instead has made me feel more awake and refreshed the next day.

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5. set a timer
this may sound obvious, but a fun way to stay on time is to use music to mark when you need to do different things. for example, I have a song dedicated to getting ready, and when that song is over, I know that I need to leave the house.

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