Since autumn is less than 2 weeks away I thought it was fit to share a playlist of my favourite season.

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โ™ช JP Cooper - September Song
โ™ช Sam Smith How Do You Sleep?
โ™ช Birdy - Skinny Love
โ™ช H.E.R. - Could've Been ft. Bryson Tiller
โ™ช Ella Mai - Shot Clock
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โ™ช Rudimental - These Days ft. Jess Glynne, Macklemore & Dan Caplen
โ™ช Ed Sheeran - Supermarket Flowers
โ™ช The Neighbourhood - Sweater Weather
โ™ช The Weeknd - Wasted Times
โ™ช Ariana Grande - ghostin'
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โ™ช Harry Styles - Sign of the Times
โ™ช Billie Eilish - i love you
โ™ช Ed Sheeran - Beautiful People ft. Khalid
โ™ช Lauv - Reforget
โ™ช H.E.R. - My Song
โ™ช Taylor Swift - Daylight
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