At the end of the day, when I'm tired when I can't stand anymore...I lay my back on my bed, closing my eyes then the scenery of my day roll in my head, and it's so scary! At some point, I start to hate people and hate myself too. They don't know how much I tried to keep my eyes dry, how much I kept my pain hiding from them, shared the little things and stored the rest. They don't know how it's hurt to be considered « easy tearing » when they only saw the scene, not its behind! They don't know how I struggle to love myself to not break the mirror that I look into every day! Every day it's a nightmare, I'm tired, I tried hard to smile like an idiot, to pretend to be one and I succeded: others think that I'm a cheerful person they don't know I'm being like this for them not for me! I'm going nuts! My heart is suffocating, I can't talk to anybody cause they will just consider me like someone who cries a lot, they'll not understand my pain!
Not to know who to talk to, is even more painful!