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Basic Info

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Name: Ava Gray
Birthday: 27 December
Birthplace: Cambridge, England
Zodiac sign: Capricorn
Bloodstatus Half-blood
Being: Witch, Vampire


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Hair: Brown, naturally curly and a little frizzy.
Eyes: Black. Though she tells people they're very dark brown.
Height: 5'3" (Ca 161 cm)
Weight: 109 lbs (49 kg)


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Positive traits: Kind, Brave, Hardworking, Good listener, Loves her friends and would do anything for them.
Negative traits: Stubborn, Short fuse, Insecure, Procrastinator, Hates reading, Secretive.

She is very courageous, but lacks confidence. She is very afraid of what might happen if the other students finds out she's a vampire. Therefore she lies a lot to her friends to keep it a secret, and she hates herself for doing so.

Even though she wants to keep her true identity a secret, she's a pretty bad liar. Surprisingly, she manages to get away with her poor excuses until third year.


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Ava was bitten by a vampire when she was only five years old.

It happened one night when she snuck out of the house to visit the neighborhood's playground.
While playing on the swing, she heard a noise behind her and turned around to see a man in a black tuxedo and a redbowtie staring at her.

Ava got scared and jumped off the swing in a hurry, which ended with her falling onto the damp sand.

When she turned around she was met by two sharp fangs burying themselves into the soft skin of her neck.

Her sleeping parents were awokened by her terrified screams and came to her rescue.

The last thing Ava saw before blacking out was a red bowtie.

As expected, Ava didn't die that night. Instead the bite infected her body and she became the monster she feared the most, a vampire.

Her loving mother was very supportive and tried her best to give Ava a comfortable life. Ava's vampire-habits were tamed and put under control.

They got a practical charmed necklace from a skilled witch, which allowed Ava to go out in the sun. She drank a small vial of blood from different rodents and birds at breakfast and dinner. And her urge to bite people were pressed down with time.

The thing that couldn't be changed back to normal was her appearence. Ava's once light brown eyes were now pitch black and her skin pale as white marble. Two pointy fangs had appeared behind her sweet smile, always reminding her parents of what she really was.

Another thing that no charm could fix was her allergy towards garlic. Ava could barely go near garlic without sneezing unctrollably. And eating it was out of the question.


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Marauders' era. 1971-1978


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Best friend: Alice Fortecue - Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, Remus Lupin, James Potter, Sirius Black, Peter Pettigrew

Love interest

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Remus Lupin

The two became very close after Ava found out Remus was a werewolf and he found out she was a vampire.

They realised that they had a lot in common, like keeping their true identity a secret from their friends.

James, Sirius and Peter all suspected that something bigger than friendship was growing between Ava and Remus. And they wasted no time teasing the two for it.

In the beginning of sixth year Remus finally took the courage to ask Ava out on a date, and she said yes. From that moment and forwards they were officially together as a couple. And they stayed together through war, deaths and other tragedies.


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Melissa Gray (nรฉe Dover) - Ava's mother works as an Obliviator at the Ministry
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Matthew Gray - Ava's father is a writer and has published three quite unsuccessful books
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Gregor - The Gray family's pet owl and Ava's best friend until he tried to bite her when she was 10


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A tigress


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Chocolate; Remus always seem to have chocolate around. Her mother's perfume; Ava loves her mother more than anything else in the world. Blood; she would hate to admit it, but her favourite scent is the smell of fresh blood

Favourite subjects

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Defence Against The Dark Arts and Transfiguration

Least favourite subjects

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History of Magic and Potions

Favourite spells

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Accio and Wingardium Leviosa


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Running from Filch, studying in the library with Lily, pranking Slytherins, eating chocolate with Remus, shopping at Honeydukes with Alice, cheering on the Gryffindor Quidditch team
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"The biggest mystery to me is... why Ava's patronus is a tiger and not a bat?"

"To me it is... why you still suck at Quidditch, Black."

Love, Thea K