spring playlist for ya'll zodiacs with a love for music!!
have fun reading this article and maybe find some new songs for you to listen :)) heading for spring-time for the southern hemisphere !!
okay so these songs aren't entirely based upon the zodiac signs personalities, they are just songs that i would believe they would listen to.

i was inspired by this amazing article!!

aries || ♈︎

march 21 - april 19
energetic, ambitious, daredevil

bratz, pink, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
welcome to the jungle - guns & roses
hollywood - gorillaz
get it together - drake, jorja smith
only god can judge me - tupac

taurus || ♉︎

april 20 - may 20
patient, devoted, reliable

pink, heart, and mouse image pink, aesthetic, and jeans image
out of my league - fitz and the tantrums
teenage dirtbag - wheatus
fight night - migos
when the party's over - billie eilish

gemini || ♊︎

may 21 - june 20
smart, successful, charismatic

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baby i'm yours - breakbot
working for it > ZHU
strawberry fields forever - the beatles
jump (for my love) - the pointed sisters

cancer || ♋︎

june 21 - july 22
conservative, protective, loving

car, aesthetic, and green image aesthetic image
dancing with a stranger - sam smith
take care - drake, rihanna
fairytale - milky chance
sundress - asap rocky

leo || ♌︎

july 23 - august 22
courageous, loyal, generous

alternative, boy, and fashion image beauty, dress, and girl image
watch me - jaden smith
love on the brain - rihanna
you should see me in a crown - billie eilish
ride wit me - nelly

virgo || ♍︎

august 23 - september 22
independent, modest, affectionate

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wait - nombe
feel good inc - gorillaz
everybody mad - o.t genasis
miss you - gabrielle aptin

libra || ♎︎

september 23 - october 22
charming, social, empathetic

cat, aesthetic, and green image daisy, dress, and jacobs image
breathe - years&years
kids - mgmt
grace kelly - mika
soaked - bene

scorpio || ♏︎

october 23 - november 21
passionate, committed, intuitive

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image drink, aesthetic, and strawberry image
truth hurts - lizzo
you know how we do it - ice cube
miracle man - oliver tree
king kunta - kendrick lamar

sagittarius || ♐︎

november 22 - december 21
adventurous, perfectionists, optimistic

Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚ nature, Swan, and animal image
nirvana - sam smith
gangsta's paradise - coolio
money trees - kendrick lamar
bored - billie eilish

capricorn || ♑︎

december 22 - january 19
confident, determined, sincere

flowers, pink, and aesthetic image pink, aesthetic, and shoes image
pyt (pretty young thing) - michael jackson
electric feel - mgmt
1991 - azealia banks
og beeper - asap rocky

aquarius || ♒︎

january 20 - february 18
dominant, open-minded, loving

fashion, outfit, and clothes image aesthetic, blue, and clouds image
alien boy - oliver tree
mr brightside - the killers
overdue - russ
should i stay or should i go - the clash

pisces || ♓︎

february 19 - march 20
soft, considerate, understanding

butterfly, nature, and glitter image quotes, rose, and book image
ribs - lorde
bellyache - billie eilish
pumped up kicks - foster the people
the less i know the better - tame impala

thank you guys for reading this article
much love !! <333