I wish I wasn't crying.
Some days I think of dying.
I start treating people like shit.
That's when I know the bipolar episode hit.

I hurt the ones I love most.
I push them away when they get too close.
Aaren, I'm so sorry.
I made you the quarry.

If I could just go back,
I would've cut you some slack.

If I had sooner realized,
That it's my past I despised,
Then I would have changed it,
So I didn't hurt you one bit.

But it's too late for that.
I walked all over you like a doormat.

I don't deserve you,
And a second chance I blew.
I'm so filled with guilt.
I've ruined everything we've built.

My actions will definitely come to haunt.
But if it's me you don't want,
Then with tears in my eyes,
I will let you go and sadly say a grieving goodbye.