hey love,

my first week of school is over. i survived the dreadful school bells and boring material of my classes and not knowing where the hell any of my classes were the first day. nonetheless i think i'm going to look forward to the potential of my classes

1st period: holocaust history
let's face it, the holocaust was a tragic and horrific time period but it's interesting material to work with. it's a small but anticipating group of people in my class. and let's thank the teacher for putting allll the way in the back. let's also thank the teacher for making the material interesting and engaging, she's nice and smart, she knows what she's doing. as for learning about the holocaust people might think why is there a whole separate class for that event, well it's a lot more in depth than it seems like

2nd period: geometry
to be honest, i dread this period SO MUCH. everyone in class is socially awkward especially me and even the teacher a little bit, but he's a pretty good teacher. i'm just so used to having math at the end of the school day so going in the morning makes me mad but math isn't my subject like at all, i have no interest in learning about the midpoint formula

3rd period: forensic science
sounds interesting right? it is. i'm actually really looking forward to this class, for those of you who don't know it's basically learning about criminology and forensic careers and what you do at a crime scene etc. the class is pretty lively at times and the teacher is really good, she's an active teacher so she gets us engaged in learning which is good because i have it at 11 am and i'm still not fully awake

4th period: lunch
i don't even eat the poisonous lunches, i just sit there looking on instagram and listening to music.

5th period: u.s history
hold on, you have two history classes? yeah and i love them. last year i had two math classes and i wanted to blow my fucking brains out. but this year god has somewhat answered my prayers. i have it with the same teacher as first period in the same room but with different people, there's a lot more people in that class but everyone's pretty cool. i know this class is gonna be easy

6th period: ap psychology
this is a college level class, it's gonna be fuckin hard. but i know that ap classes look good on your college resume and i'm trying to do the most to get the best out of it, i suggest that to all of you who are going to high school, take ap classes. the people in class are nice, and we're in groups instead of rows so i have to interact with people but my table isn't bad. although i have to carry a binder for that class everyday, it's going to be so messy

7th period: spanish 1
this class is r o w d y. but it's pretty fun, we all listen and pay attention at times. the teacher isn't mean or annoying she's actually nice and fun. it's my second year in high school taking a foreign language, i took french freshman year and it was...hard. but i know most people in tampa and the u.s speak spanish so i decided to take it, see what all the fuss was about. and a lot of strangers come up to me speaking spanish because i look i can, i almost can

8th period: english 3
and to end the school day, we have english which in my opinion is the best way to end the school day. i'm an english person and also my class has most of the people that i know from last year which is good because again, i'm shy as hell. we have two teachers in that class but it's such a full class so i understand why. english was never really hard for me, i like learning the material and writing and reading so i don't really struggle

and those are all my classes. to be honest i'm still in the same stuck up depressive place in my life but the one goal for this year is to not let that get in the way of school because i'm trying to succeed in one thing and if you succeed in one thing it leads to another thing and another and it's a big road and we're all trying to walk on it, just depends on how slow or how fast you wanna get to the end. i hope your guys's first week or day went decent, it'll get take some time to get used to it. for those of you who start in september, fuck you

bye love