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So, I love writing and I wanted to give a try to we heart articles so the idea of writing an article where you could get to know me before I start writing articles properly and also for the ones who have been following me this past 4 years seemed amazing and here it is so with that being said, let's start with the 73 VOGUE QUESTIONS`
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1-. What were you doing right before this?
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Organizing my schedule for tomorrow.
2-. What do you find yourself doing a lot these days?
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I have spent a lot of my time exercising and focusing on me before school starts and so I can give my best.
3-. What is your current obsession?
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The interior design and classic cars, thank you mom and dad for that, seriously.
4-. What are you typically doing on days off?
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Study languages.
5-. What is your favorite place to visit in the world?
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I am gonna say the beach because I find the sound of the waves and the feeling of the sand under my feet sooo therapeutic.
6-. What is one hobby you will never give up?
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I am a VERY creative person so writing and every single activity that helps me to improve my creative skills.
7-. What is a hobby you plan on picking up?
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Playing the guitar and singing.
8-. How would you describe yourself in three words?
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Kind, humble and cheesy.
9-. What scares you the most?
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That someday my family members will pass away.
10-. What makes you the angriest?
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People hating their bodies.
11-. Who is the most fashionable woman you know?
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Actually my mom, my godmother, my cousin and even my sister are the most fashionable women I know.
12-. What is your favorite animal?
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My favorite animal since little is the dolphin but the elephants, giraffes, flamingos and headogs are beautiful animals too.
13-. What is your favorite thing to eat?
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I do not have a favorite thing to eat at the moment.
14-. What was your favorite movie as a kid?
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I am 99% sure it was Lilo & Stitch.
15-. Can you say anything in a foreign language?
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•Puedo hablar español fluido means I can speak spanish fluently. •Ma mère, mon père, ma sœur et mon frère sont mes amours means my mom, my dad, my sister and my brother are my loves.
16-. When do you feel most beautiful?
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When I smile and laugh.
17: What is your favorite color?
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I have a lot but lately burnt orange, wine, olive, mustard yellow and nude tones are my favourites.
18-. Who is your girl crush?
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I do not think I have one.
19-. Heels or flats?
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I love the powerful and elegant look heels can give but flats are my to go daily
20-. Window or aisle seat?
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Window definitely! I get really creative while looking by the window and listening to music.
21-. Coffee or tea?
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22-. If you made a documentary about your life, what would it be called?
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"She Is The One" or "I Got It From"
23-. What is the last country you visited?
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Sadly I have never left my country.
24-. Best gift you've ever received?
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My family, the best gift god could have given me!!
25: If you could play one instrument, what would it be?
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The violin without doubt.
26-. If you had a tattoo, what would it be?
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Something small but I'm sure that meanful.
27-. Winter or summer?
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28-. Sweet or savory foods?
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29-. Dogs or cats?
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30-. What is your favorite flower?
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Tulips and Roses.
31-. Who is your favorite actress?
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I won't hesitate and I will say Melisa McCarthy, she is SO funny!!
32-. Who is your favorite actor?
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I like how Ben Hardy manages and projects the character's emotions.
33-. Favorite holiday?
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34-. What is the cutest thing in the world?
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Children, I love how they can be so kind, innocent and lovely, their imagination, children are the best.
35-. If you could go to any concert, past or present, which one would you go to?
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I would have loved to go to any One Direction concert or actually to a Shawn Mendes concert.
36-. Who makes you laugh the most?
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My family, they were given a lot of funny faces and good sense of humor.
37-. If you could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would you pick?
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My inner fangirl is gonna say Timothée Chalamet.
38-. What movie makes you cry everytime you watch it?
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Any movie with a good actress/actor in a emotive scene, I really am very sensitive.
39-. What tv show are you currently watching?
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I do not watch TV shows that much, the las ones were Stranger Things and Blindspot
40-. What book do you plan on reading?
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I need to go to a library and look for new books BUT meanwhile I am gonna re-read Little Women
41-. Must have beauty product?
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Lipstick, gloss and lip balm.
42-. What is your zodiac sign?
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Your indecisive Libra girl here!!
43-. Eye color?
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44-. Hair color?
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45-. What is your favorite thing to wear?
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Whatever makes me feel as me..
46-. Dream job?
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Since I am a little girl I have wanted to be a lot of things actress, chef, doctor, astronaut but being a journalist is my interest now.
47-. When was the last time you cried?
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Yesterday while reading a book on Wattpad it is called Consequences and is written by @NocturnaComplexities
48-. Favorite sound?
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Waves, thunders and the rain.
49-. Iphone or android?
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Both! Even though I own and android, lol!
50-. Best way to destress?
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Drinking water helps me a lot.
51-. One movie you can watch over and over?
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Grease and Freaky Friday.
52-. If you were in a flashmob, where'd it be?
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Infront of cultural monuments or a representative thing of the place it would be performed in.
53-. One thing you cannot live without?
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My family.
54-. On a scale 1-10, how excited are you about life right now?
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8!! I have a lot of things planned and so much exciting projects coming.
55-. Favorite band?
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One Direction, 5 Seconds Of Summer, The Cure, Queen, etc.
56-. Favorite solo artist?
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I have a lot: Adele, Michael Bublé, Birdy, LP, Alessia Cara, Shawn Mendes Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Louis Tomlinson (lol) etc.
57-. Favorite smell?
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Radiant berries and wild raspberry scent.
58-. Scary movies or happy endings?
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Happy endings, I have never been brave enough to watch a scary movie.
59-. Favorite movie right now?
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Me before You.
60-. What color is your toothbrush?
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61-. What is a curse word you use all the time?
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I do not like using curse words.
62-. What are you most excited about these days?
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Having supportive, real and lovely people by my side.
63-. Are you scared of the dark?
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Not at all until I listen any strange sound.
64-. What is your favorite country to visit?
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As you already know I have never traveled but I would love to visit Holland, France and Germany.
65-. What is the coolest thing in the world?
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The handwritten letters, love, the little acts of kindness.
66-. Name of your first pet?
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67-. If you could have any super power, which one would you choose?
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68-. Are you happy with your handwriting?
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Just when it is not rushed.
69-. Do you like surprises?
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Depending on the kind of surprise but yeah I like them.
70-. Best piece of advice ever given?
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I have received a lot but one that has stayed with me is: do not let anyone tell you cannot achieve your dreams.
71-. If you could be successful at which sport, which one would it be?
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Figure Skating.
72-. If you could switch lives with someone for a day, who'd you choose?
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I would not switch lives with anyone, my life is not full of money and all the things I would love to have but it is how it is supossed to for a good reason.
73-. How long did it take to make this article?
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Two afternoons!!
I hope you have enjoyed learning about me, lol! I appreciate you have read, hearted and given me a little bit of your time.
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