Hello People!

Today I had such a great day, which was awesome since yesterday was crap. I went to Mema's house and we drank coffee and ate cake like two old ladies in her balcony.

We talked so much and it was so great because we came to a lot of conclusions about some icky topics. We also talked about SAT, she is presenting next Saturday so wish her SUCCESS. And then we saw weird shit on YouTube and she read an essay I wrote for Writing Class in my Senior year.

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Also while writing this article Ana, Gaby and I talked in our group chat because we are desperate for answers.

Day 7: Do you have unpopular opinions? Thanks Dayler for the prompt

At first I was like...what is an unpopular opinion like, what should I write about? But I got some inspiration from other writers on other platforms and here I am.

1) No one gives two flying fucks about unpopular opinions because honestly everyone wants to be all cool and show themselves as different and try to stand out in a way. Reality is that only about 7% of the people in your life care about your opinion.

2) Money can buy happiness. I am very serious about this one. I believe that if I was living right now in a penthouse in New York City and having the freaking iPad Pro I want so bad...I would be freaking happy. Obviously, I do know this happiness is temporary and superficial but it is happiness either way.

3) Summer is such a waste of time after the third week. That is all I have to say about it lol.

4) Being busy and stressed is actually cool when it is with studying and work. I love the feeling of productivity and satisfaction when achieving things I get from it. I love that.

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5) French fries with sauce or dips are disgusting, they should be eaten plain with salt. Stop ruining such a perfect creation. I am adding this part after publishing and I do have to correct myself...I do like french fries with cheese and bacon like, that would be the only way. Thanks please go on

6) Religion is actually a way to have control over the masses and that is why the Middle Ages even existed in the first place and that also explains how they change the rules 24/7 to the church's convenience. Having Faith and believing in something superior is enough. I am sure God, Allah, Yahveh, or even the Universe, doesn't need a whole organization to tell you how to love them. You do you because Faith is free and you just have to express it with love and devotion.

7) Scrunchies are ugly, please stop. (I am so sorry to all my friends who wear scrunchies).

8) Thin crust pizza is horrible Everyone should order thick crust, like it is so good and soft and delicious...shit now I want pizza

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9) Feminism is stumbling in a dark room, nowadays is going everywhere and nowhere at all.

Don't @ me y'all.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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