we've all experienced the funk, rut, whatever you want to call it. some handle it better than others & can bring themselves out of it fairly quickly. if you find yourself unmotivated on writing articles, this article is for you. today i'm going to be sharing a few tricks i've learned over the years on how to stay motivated on writing articles.

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❝ if you are working on something that you really care about, you don’t have to be pushed. the vision pulls you. ❞ ━ Steve Jobs

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〈 plan out uploads 〉

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personally, i keep a list of about five article ideas at all times. if you do run out of ideas, you can always go to that list & see if one of those ideas sounds interesting to write about at the time.

〈 write about what you enjoy 〉

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this one may be kind of obvious, but avoid topics that bore you. for example if there's a popular tag going around, but the questions seem boring, don't write an article over the tag just because it's popular. instead, spend that time writing an article over something you're passionate about. this will not only be enjoyable for you, but the reader can tell if you're interested in the topic or just chose to write about it for no reason.

〈 take time on your articles 〉

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a lot of the times we like to post as many articles as we can, which is great for followers, but not so great for the articles themselves. i'm guilty of this as well. instead of focusing on the topic we're writing about, we like to finish article after article to post more often. take the time on your articles & overtime they'll become more interesting to read and write about.

〈 take a break when needed 〉

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if you can't get out of your funk, always understand that you can take a break. your mental health comes first and your followers and friends will understand. don't feel inclined to upload everyday or once a week, feel free to take a break and miss a few upload days when needed.

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