Is Mediterranean diet a healthy trend or just a trend. More and more people are talking about the Mediterranean diet but is it worth it? If study shows that it decreases heart disease and cancer, in my opinion based on that alone. Its super great.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet per se but a loose term referring to the dietary practices of the people in the Mediterranean region. The Mediterranean Diet has a high consumption of fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, bread, and other cereals. Traditionally, fruits and vegetables are locally grown in the Mediterranean Diet. Fruits and vegetables often are consumed raw or minimally processed, and encourages moderate intake of fish but little to no intake of meat.

If your are looking to incorporate the Mediterranean Diet into your like, here are a few suggestions, and it centers around the following:

Healthy Fats
Fruits & Vegetables
Whole Grains
Include a wide variety of veggies in your diet , include fruits citrus and berries . also legumes and beans and increase your whole grain and limit refined grains. Use olive oil instead of butter and animal fat. Eat fish or chicken at least twice a week. Seasoned your food with herbs and spices NOT salt. Exercise often and drinks lots of water. Use helpful sites lke and for meal ideas and inspiration.

Mistakes to avoid..
Seafood is key, but it’s fine to eat moderate amounts of poultry, eggs and dairy—­especially fermented dairy foods such as yogurt and cheese, maybe a few times a month.

Meat — and especially red meat — is eaten in very small portions and infrequently on the Mediterranean diet. The main protein is fish and seafood, with an emphasis on fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, sardines and mackerel, which are good sources of omega-3 fatty acids. So if you are a meat lover, understand that is limited. When consumed not going crazy.

Eating out. It’s tough to stick to the Mediterranean diet if you eat out every night, or even when out with friends. Although the diet is based off of home cooking and doing so gives you more control over what you are eating, it is possible to follow the Mediterranean diet while dining out. Choose options like those you’d make at home, such as grilled or sauteed fish or chicken, lots of vegetables and no fried foods or creamy sauces.

Remember: Obesity is a major health issue of our time and there is a lot of research going on right now to find a solution. The Mediterranean diet can help. Is quite effective and lot better than other so called diets. The fact that supports this statement is that people who follow Mediterranean way of life are less likely to face any of the chronic diseases.