University is that time of your life when you just wanna kill yourself at some point. and that happens to all of us. it doesn't matter what career you're in, you get frustated, stressed and you probably wanna cry everyday, but hey! this is the big step. the one that build you to become that person u wanna be in the future.

if you're scared because is your first day, don't worry; we all get nervous and anxious and all we want is for the day to be perfect. So here are some tips that will make your stay at the university more bearable.


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breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, so please don't forget it; it also brings you the energy you need for the day.


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you probably don't want to be running out of time, so get everything organized for the big day.


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make sure u always got a bottle of wáter with you, stimulates and gets you hydrated for the day. you can add some slices of your favorite fruit to give it a little flavor.


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bring a snack that you can eat between classes, sometimes you get hungry and it's better bring it because in the university most of the time everything is expensive.


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take notes of what your teacher's say, it's important because most of the time we forget the things they say and that's information you can't miss.

EXTRA ONE (personal opinion)

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to be honest guys, i wouldn't bring airpods to university. u can't use it on classes, most of the time is a distraction i want to avoid so i can pay attention to my classes, but it's just a personal opinion u don't need to share.


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the first of everything, just have fun and make fiends!