Hi guys ! Welcome back here, today as you can see in the title I'm doing the If I were a... tag.

. Remember that I’m french so sorry in advance for bad english
In french we call that a "portrait chinois" translation: "chinese portrait" I don't know why and it's a bit racist but that's the name of the game
I just learnt that this game/tag whatever you call it, is inspired by "le questionnaire de Proust".
In the honor of the author Marcel Proust who wrote the books
"A la recherche du temps perdu" translation : "In search of lost time" and _"A l'ombre des jeunes filles en fleur" translation : "In the shadow of the flowering young girls".
He made famous a questionnaire by answering the questions his own way. You can have the questions right here


I added a few questions but this is inspired by :

  • element
girl, car, and hair image aesthetic, breathe, and quotes image breathe, quotes, and sky image new moon and twilight image
air- everyone needs air or at least oxygen, when you breathe a pure air you feel fresh, resourced, charged, cleaned... you just need air to be alive but also to feel alive.
  • season
beach, flexibility, and flexible image blue, girl, and ocean image girl and beach image aesthetic, beach, and bikini image
summer-of course there are the sun, the friends, the beach, lazy mornings,this vibe but this also is a time of introversion for me when I have time to make a point on what I have accomplished during the year, to set new goals and to take care of me inside and outside
  • color
Temporarily removed forest, nature, and tree image beach, beautiful, and blue image clouds, fantasy, and man image
  • flower
flowers, door, and pink image pig and animal image rose, flowers, and red image rose, winter, and snow image
  • body part
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed aunt, baby, and breastfeeding image new moon and twilight image
chest - the chest is where every emotion is felt, where everything comes from, you love with you chest, you cry with your chest, you protect with your chest... everything is felt here. Plus, in a diferent way, breastfeeding a child is so beautiful ! That's a moment of sharing, of connection between a woman and her baby !
  • part of the day
sunset, sky, and palm trees image friends, summer, and sea image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
sunrise - an eternal new beggining, a new chance, a new day, a new light, a new version of life in which everythings can happen, a new possibility to change the world... (too much ?)
  • animal
animal, wolf, and hayvanlar image forest and wolf image wolf, animal, and forest image wolf and animal image
  • place
twilight, edward cullen, and bella swan image flowers, dark, and nature image flowers and legs image Image removed
a meadow
  • disney princess
Temporarily removed pocahontas, disney, and gif image
  • goddess
Abusive image botticelli and Venus image aesthetic and art image kiss, art, and white image
Venus / Aphrodite goddess of love and beauty
  • creature
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed Image by life is good wolf, girl, and forest image
  • word
Temporarily removed art, girl, and paint image Image removed Image removed
  • super power
beautiful, girl, and princess image sky, clouds, and sun image amazing, girl, and gymnastic image angel, wings, and Victoria's Secret image
  • art
ballet and dance image love, couple, and dance image dance, ballet, and couple image Temporarily removed
  • emotion
black&white, boy, and girl image black&white, boy, and couple image

Thanks for reading ! Again I might not have chosen the good words but I hope I made myself clear haha
I loved writing this article so I hope you enjoyed it and hopefully you’ll come back ! See you in the next article !

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