Its 1'18 in the really early morning, i am laying in my bed thinking what i did wrong and why you left, but i'm not finding anything else except the fact that you just got tired because i was just somebody new in your list. i rush in love, i admit it. It was late that night when i got my guts and my fears together and i asked you whats up with us, you told me you got no time, but i would see you were online all the time, my already broken heart couldn't bare no more so i told you everything, and you told me; we are better friends than lovers. I had so much to say... so much, i just stared at the screen of my phone, hating every second of that moment. I wanted to tell him that he ruined the protection wall i have been building for years, he destroyed me, but i just stood there in my room, in my bed, cursing that Friday
I have been thinking what to wear for, since Monday morning, but its over now, i couldn't say anything more, i was speechless with a head that was constantly talking. I try to move on, and talk to other people, new people but i'm stuck, i'm stuck at searching for you in everyone i meet and i surely don't want to hurt them just because i cant move on.
After all, i thought i forgot you, but when i'm left all alone with my thoughts
i miss you, and god knows how i wish i didn't.