We all have insecurities. Being insecure is something normal. I have my own insecurities and maybe people can relate to them.
First, I have stretch marks all over my body, I have been a person that has been scared to show them off. From my stomach to my arms, even my butt. Trust me I have tried almost anything and everything to get rid of them, but nothing seemed to work, until I found out that coconut oil helps get rid of the redness they have. They won't go away they will always stay there.
Second I can gain weight quickly, if I eat any kind of junk food I will gain weight, that's just how my body is. Recently I went on vacation to Mexico for 22 days and stayed at my grandparents house throughout those 22 days I didn't workout, which was weird and hard for me to do. So of course I gained around 3-5 pounds. I'm a person that's insecure about my stomach a lot. I don't like having fat roles, I wish I could have a completely flat stomach but that is not possible.
Final is my teeth, I have very crooked messed up teeth and a gap, between my two middle teeth. Now I should have braces, but due to money situations I don't, which is okay, but I never smile completely in photos, because it's something I don't like about myself.
My point with this article is that yes I have insecurities, and some of I can fix and others I can't, but I have to learn to love and care about my body however I look. I should care about having a good healthy which is always a top priority.
Maybe someone will relate to this and others won't. I just want to share things about me.