just wanted to say,
this article is based on my collection. all of the characters that will be named here were created by me just for fun. maybe one of them will give you inspiration.

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my collection is about two young people. they both are from royal families. it's about secret love, meets at night and power, which ruined everything.

Winter Coldwell

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her full name is associated with coldness. most of the time her family just calls her Wi. she is 20 years old. has icy blue eyes and long brown hair. most of the time wears dresses and likes to attend royal parties. has very good opinion of herself, but in the right hands is very sweet. she is the heir to the throne of Kyrell (dark) castle, is very ambitious and knows what she wants. when Winter doesn't have to attend meetings she sews. also, has one younger sister - Aurora, and younger brother - Arthur. when she was a child her mother taught her that woman can be a Queen without King, so she truly believed her words and didn't search for any lovers, until she met Raven... her love for him was so strong, that in the end she went mad and tried to kill herself, because ''most painful thing ever is having feelings for someone you can't be with''
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''please don't do this''

Raven Clemonte

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Raven is from castle ''Valda'' (spirited warriors). he is 22 years old, has green eyes and dark brown hair. most of the time is very sarcastic. from young days has been taught how to rule kingdom and wants to take back the throne that Coldwell family has taken from Clemontes. also, he likes to hunt and has younger brother Robert. Raven used to be in relationship for two years, but then the girl mysteriously gone missing. he promised himself that he would never fall in love again, until he went to a ball in Kyrell castle and met Winter, his enemies daughter.
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''i love the light in your eyes and the dark in your heart.''
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i'm always sure about everything. but when it comes to him, i'm never sure. i used to find it quite exciting, but now...''
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years could pass and that smile would still give me butterflies
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are you hearing voices again?
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i used to love you

''there's a thin line between love and hate''