So I would be very surprised if you were to know I was Scottish, but hi, here I am, a wee Scottish gal! And as far as music goes England get most of the credit for producing the music talent of Britain but alas! We produce a few wee gems ourselves!

So for a fun little article I thought I would dedicate one to the great musicians of Scotland - some bigger than others but all that deserve to be heard by the world! Enjoy!
(ps if you know of/ can see any I have missed from my playlist please send me a wee postcard!)

Vistas are one of my favourite bands that have come out Scotland and I am constantly forcing them down everyones throats, you should definitely check them out.
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The 101
A recent discovery of mine! A cute wee pop band originating from Aberdeen. Check them out here:
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Biffy Clyro
Now this is not an unknown band but with their hefty Scottish accents they had to be included:
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Nina Nesbitt
I loved Nina before I even realised she was Scottish, she's definitely on the rise:
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Twin Atlantic
Another Band with a very prominent accent - which I LOVE to hear when someone is singing I'm not going to lie.
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Paolo Nutini
Love, Love, LOVE Paolo <3
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Such a unique band in my opinion, very good live and to blast in the car.
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The Fratellis
Another classic that I didn't know, for years, that were Scottish?
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The Snuts
This band is another that is definitely on the rise, they were super-duper good live at TRNSMT this year.
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First heard of ONR when I was lucky enough to see him live supporting bastille this year - definitely excited for an album to be released (Pronouced like 'Honour')
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Lewis Capaldi
And last but certainly not least is our most famous man of the moment Lewis Capaldi! If you have been living under a rock and haven't heard of the man yet I will leave you with a link to his spotify:
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I have all of these artists plus more in a playlist on my Spotify here:

Ta Ta for now! x