Hello! This is my first attempt of writing an article!
This period has been a "soul & self searching" one so I decided to write about the things,activities and other stuff that make my soul happy!

First and foremost, I'd like to point out
how much appreciate the time I have with myself!


~ Movies ~

I see myself as a cinephile,since I can watch any kind of film with pleasure and the will to analyze every little thing afterwards!
I've always loved watching movies,
I still do and I always will

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~ Hugs from my loved ones ~

I'm not the most huggable person,
I mean,there are times when I can't even be in the same room with another person,let alone let them touch me!

But oh those other moments!
The moments when a hug is all my little soul needs! Especially when it comes from the people closest to me!

hug, hugging, and lights image

~ Animals ~

I actually CANNOT put my love for animals into words. Their souls are the purest thing and when an animal is near me,I can't ask for anything else!
I'm a vet student,so I've put my love for animals and passion for healing & medicine together in the best way possible!

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~ The rain & the snow ~

This is pretty self explanatory and common,so I won't analyze it.
Just listening to the sound of rain and walking on white streets calms me.


~ Taking photos,Making collages ~

Both have been a very happy part of my childhood and they are my favorite things to do! They help me forget about my worries,I can concentrate more and I feel genuinely happy while doing both!

I am in love with photography and colors so you can pretty much connect the pieces! ^_^

absence, aesthetic, and art image
not mine (sadly)


Another thing that helps me concentrate and stop thinking for a while..
I picked It up quite recently and I can say that I actually feel the difference!
Whoever hasn't meditated,should start today!

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~ Writing ~

I obviously saved the best for last!
Not only does writing make me feel happy and peaceful inside,
It's also VERY therapeutic! Especially for an over-thinker like myself!
It empties my mind from anything that has been "torturing" It and It's a great way to help me save different phases of my life,through which I've grown...

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Has the completely opposite effect of the other activities though

There are many things that calm me down and make my soul happy,
but the ones I mentioned are the most important to me!