Hey guys ! Today I'm back with a new article : my makeup wishlist :) All the prices are in euros (€) because I live in France :) Here we go !

✾ Makeup revolution London

Live Love Blush & Light Palette - 5,58€
Freedom Makeup London HD Highlighter & Contour Set (with double ended brush) - 6,25€
Revolution Bake and Finish Powder - 5,99€
Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation - F1 & F2 - 5,99€
Makeup Obsession Be Passionate About Lip Gloss Collection - 4,84€
Revolution Forever Flawless Fire - 11,99€
Revolution Forever Flawless Ice - 11,99€
Focus And Fix Eye Primer 10ml - 2,75€
Revolution Pro Matte Primer 30ml - 9€
Re-Loaded Palette Basic Mattes - 5,60€
Conceal And Define Concealer C1 4ml - 3,95€
Fix Oil Control Makeup Fixing Spray 100ml – 5,60€
New neutral Shadow Palette – 12,95€

This brand is so affordable and is really great ! It has so much dupes so check it for sure !

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✾ Beauty Bay

EYN Bright 42 Colour Palette – 25€
Rose gold glam 18 piece brush set with brush stand - 44€

This brand just started as a website like sephora -selling other brands makeup- and now it started making its own makeup and it's stunning and the quality is amazing !

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✾ Juvia's place

The warrior II palette - 24€

This brand has so pretty palette like omg and the quality is incredible ! I want a lot of them but I really want this one because it is really pretty and neutral so to start it's good.

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✾ Misslyn

Black Off Precise Liquid Liner Long Lasting Eyeliner 1.2ml - 8,50€

I actually need a great eyeliner and on beautybay this one is one of the best noted so I thought I would give it a try!

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✾ The Ordinary

Serum Foundation SPF 15 Very Fair 1.ONS 30ml - 6,95€

The ordinary is such a great brand for skincare, and this product have very good critics too. It also has a spf which is really cool ! It isn't expensive at all !

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Lip lingerie - rouge à lèvres matte - 7,90€ (matte lipstick)
17 Seduction
03 Lace detail
12 Exotic
Powder puff lippie cream - rouge à lèvres - 8,90€ (lipstick)
02 Puppy love
Teachers Pet
Foundation Can't stop won't stop - 15,90€

Nyx is the best brand for lipstick and it is really affordable ! I also want to try the foundation because it is said to be perfect for oily skin -which I have

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✾ Morphe

35H Hot Spot artistry - 26€
35B Color Burst Artistry palette - 26€
The James Charles palette - 43€
35G Bronze goals artistry palette - 27€

We all know how great morphe is ! But I don't really like their palette that have like 20 shades that looks the same, so there aren't a lot that I actually want. But these palette are really stunning !

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✾ Shop Miss a

Paw Paw: 10-Piece All About Eyes Brush Set - 9,55€
AOA Sculpting Brow Pencil - Taupe - 0,90€
AOA Go Brow Mascara - Taupe - 0,90€
AOA Wondor Brow Pomade - Taupe - 0,90€
AOA Clear Makeup Pouch - Neon Hustle - 0,90€
AOA So smooth lipstick - maui collection - 0,90€
AOA Quick brush cleaner - 0,90€
AOA Wonder baked highlighter - cupcake - 0,90€
AOA Studio Eyelashes - Alexis 0,90€
AOA Eyelash Applicator - 0,90€
Celavi Eyelash Adhesive - Clear - 0,09€
Paw Paw : 3D Faux Mink Lashes - Carlene - 1€
AOA Lumi Blush - Light to med tones - 0,90€
Zuri Makeup Setting Mist - Matte Finish - 0,90€
Contour & Highlight duo stick - color 1 - 0,90€
AOA Essential 24-Piece brush set - 20€
Paw Paw : super soft wonder blender - teardrop - 1€
AOA Perfect Setting Powder - Matte - 0,90€
AOA Wonder blender - black beveled - 0,90€
AOA Fruity pop gloss - strawberry - 0,90€
AOA Scalp Stimulator - 0,90€
The F6 & E106 brushes - 2€
AOA Perfect eye primer - nude - 0,90€
AOA Wedge sponge - 4PACK - 0,90€
A+ : AOA Drop liquid foundation - porcelain - 2€
AOA Sugar Lips Scrub - Apple - 0,90€
AOA Oh Honey lip oil - strawberry - 0,90€
Paw paw : AOA Glow baby liquid highlighters : 6€
AOA Fat lash mascara - black : 0,90€
AOA Lip pop gloss - superstar – 0,90€

Yes that's a lot, but everything is 1$ so it definitely worth it ! Plus it is said to be such a great quality, especially the brushes

Ok so here it is ! I really really want to get into makeup for real ! Do your makeup wishlist too and send it to me so I can have some inspiration too :) Love Marie !