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So I saw this article :

I love it! You should check it out!

which is basically a compilation of Kpop idols with pink hair.
And then I saw this article, remaking the article above, but with red hair instead :

I love this article!

And so I thought, why not do a blue hair version?
Let's begin, enjoy :)


aesthetic, twice, and mina image aesthetic, lips, and momo image
Jeongyeon - Twice
bts, kim taehyung, and kpop image bts, taehyung, and v image
Taehyung - BTS
exid, hani, and hair image blue hair, le, and junghwa image
Hani - Exid
2ne1, dara, and kpop image dara, 2ne1, and kpop image
Dara - 2ne1
edawn, pentagon, and kpop image asian, blue hair, and boy image
hyuna, kpop, and 4minute image hyuna, 4minute, and kpop image
blue hair, pretty, and girls generation image icon, girls generation, and snsd image
Sunny - SNSD
bts, yoongi, and suga image bts, suga, and yoongi image
Suga - BTS
Inspiring Image on We Heart It gif, lisa, and blackpink image
Lisa - Blackpink
wendy and red velvet image wendy, red velvet, and son seungwan image
Wendy - Red Velvet
blue hair, gd, and style image g-dragon, gd, and bigbang image
Gdragon - Bigbang
twice and tzuyu image twice and tzuyu image
Tzuyu - Twice
blue hair and bom image 2ne1 image
Bom - 2ne1
seokjin, jungkook, and taehyung image Image removed
Jimin - BTS
f(x), kpop, and luna image beautiful, blue hair, and eyes image
Luna - f(x)
blue hair, kpop, and twice image twice, dahyun, and kpop image
Dahyun - Twice
blue hair, v.i.p, and bigbang image top, T.O.P, and bigbang image
TOP - Bigbang
big lips, kpop, and rm image black, happy, and kpop image
blue, hair, and mamamoo image blue hair, hd, and ๋งˆ๋งˆ๋ฌด image
Moonbyul - Mamamoo
Image removed Image removed
Youngjae - GOT7
blue hair, fx, and kpop image amber, blue hair, and f(x) image
Amber - f(x)
bambam, got7, and blue image Image removed
Bambam - GOT7
blue hair, hyejin, and hwasa image blue hair, hyejin, and cute image
Hwasa - Mamamoo
wonho, monsta x, and kpop image bat, aegyo, and hoseok image
Wonho - Monsta X
blue, concert, and k-pop image tumblr, chanyeol, and aesthetic image
Chanyeol - Exo

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