Hey everyone, I'm back again! This time to bring you fantasy help. When writing or just making a character for your novel can be hard, especially when it is an elf.

You may be familiar with the elves from lord of the rings that are communally and sometimes overly used. Trust me I know it is hard to find any fantasy characters that have not been used by everyone. So...first thing that you need to do is have look at all the right websites. Most people go to google and just type in something along the lines of, white male with blue eyes and black hair. This can bring up some good images but it is likely that the image is the most popular, which can lead to everyone already use that image.

Two places to get the best characters are,
2.On here!
I'm not just saying this to get more people on this website or app, but We Heart It has some fabulous fantasy collections that you need to check out!

The next thing that helps with making a character is being able to keep a short but helpful description on each and everyone of them. One of the best apps for this is Character Generator off of the google play store.

Sorry, to make this short there will be a part two. It will be explain how to make a good character description. Thank you for reading! Bye hearters!