This is a love letter to all the beautiful leaves and it's branches.

Image by mads.
dear nature...

You are a beautiful creature. Made from the trees and the branches that treat ya. Even before I was born, you were here for me.

To make sure that in the right direction I flow. You windly guide me into the unwalked paradise, so I can experience it for myself and walk out new holy, sparkling eyes.

I'm walking along this narrow eve. Seeing the light for the first time today. And I let it go to sleep.

I don't hold on, don't ask you to stay. Knowing it won't, it's needed on the other side of the world and that's why this is what generous spirits say.

" I had my light, the shade and vitamins it gave, now it's time for yours."

I won't viciously love you, only admire your beauty from afar. How wonderful, generous and grateful you are. Encestors and us all can see!

They saw you in your highest ground. We are stepping on you like irresponsible kids, so loud. As you were and as you now truly are, I love you.

I don't think you will ever change at heart, only evolve your spirit, the light and the love you get.

Love, green grass, bird chirp, sea wave, admirers.