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Ian Somerhalder
Image by Victoria Drivas
Rob Lowe
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Casper Van Dien
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john stamos
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Leonardo di Caprio
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Orson Welles
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Glenn Ford


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Kirsten Dunst
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Diane Kruger
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Natalie Portman
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Keira Knightley
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Judith Godreche

In French, we say : "on dirait des sosies". Why doppleganger are so cute and so numerous ?

You can see in each country, a doppleganger of another country.
If you watch TV shows or movies, you easily will find them.
Antonio Banderas and his double .... you see which one, I have forgotten. But one day I was astonished by seeing the same man on my tv.

In France, we have always the same man : black eyes, black hair, ...

pierre arditi image
pierre arditi
robin renucci image
robin renucci
françois cluzet image
françois cluzet
gerard lanvin image
gérard lanvin
pierre arditi and evelyne bouix image
The couple evelyne bouix, pierre arditi :

In France, Claude Lelouch show the same woman : brown eyes, black or brown hair, ...

salome lelouch image
salome lelouch
faustine bollaert image
faustine bollaert
audrey tautou image
audrey tautout
marie christine barrault image
marie christine barrault : blonde and blue eyed
sophie toscan du plantier image
sophie toscan du plantier, RIP
Image by 🌿MSP_BdR️_🌸💖📧
melita toscan du plantier, widow
marie sophie lelouch image
marie sophie lelouch
anouk grinberg image
anouk grinberg
anouk aimee image
anouk aimée

So in the United Kingdom, in the 8O's :

makepeace and dempsey image
makepeace and dempsey, the real cute english lady and the american cop in London

PS. What do you think ? Have you seen someone as they look like next to you ? Your friend ? Maybe your friend whom you have no more answers, phone, or letters ?? MISSING ???