1. Billie Eilish is fake

The girl is not depressed. This is so fake, I can't even explain, because people who suffer with depression are not like this. They don't show it to the whole world, they don't make a big deal of it, they're not proud of it and they certainly don't shove it in others faces. If someone is really depressed, no one knows about it, because they hide it. And Billie's songs are not even good.

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2. Imagine Dragons are one of the best and they're kinda underrated

Doesn't matter if you can relate or not, their song lyrics have so much sense.

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3. People CAN listen to more than one genre of music

I've heard people talk "If you listen to rock and metal, you listen only this" . Excuse me, what? Who lied to you? I can listen to whatever I like. I can listen Taylor Swift's songs and then Slipknot. So what?

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4. House music is awful

This is killing me! This is the one genre I can't listen even when I'm drunk. And also, I can't get drunk because of that music.

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5. Justin Bieber is overrated

And he is not that good with his fans, I've heard it from his fans. Everyone is telling me shit like "he started from the bottom and he deserves what he has" . Fine, a lot of people started from the bottom, but they didn't forget that and they don't act like they own the world.

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6. Havana by Camilla Cabello is so fucking annoying

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7. Bruno Mars is overrated too

He has like 2 cool songs

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8. Dua Lipa is annoying

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9. Adele and Katy Perry don't have more than 2 good songs

I'll never understand why people like them so much.

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10. Doesn't matter how hard singers try to earn money from new version of old songs, the originals songs will always be better

Just like "Gangsta's paradise" by Coolio is better than the same song by Falling in reverse. "Informer" is better by Snow than by Daddy Yankee.

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