yep. I'd say it is hard to make me actually cry and some of these didn't actually make me cry. instead they filled my soul with such despair that they haunted me long after the credits rolled.

still alice (2013)

drama, kristen, and movie image julianne moore and still alice image
this is about Alzheimer's disease, which runs in my family. it's heartbreaking on its own but when it is so real and palpable to my life, it just fills me with apprehension and sadness.

up in the air (2009)

Image by Anna Image by Anna
deceiving is what this movie is. it is cute and funny as it looks at a lonely man and this relationship he builds, but as a lonely person the end is a lot to accept.

martyrs (2009)

Image by Anna Image by Anna
for the love of everything pure in the world do not watch this movie. tw torture, child abuse. it is a lot. it is brutal and violent. it is so fucking haunting and terrible. please read all warnings for this movie before if you want to watch it.

atonement (2007)

atonement, cecilia tallis, and costume image atonement image
i love keira knightley and james mcavoy so yeah i cried.

brokeback mountain (2005)

actor, beautiful, and fashion image brokeback mountain, heath ledger, and jake gyllenhaal image
wow the ending scene, just punch me in the face why don't you.

y tu mama tambien (2001)

diego luna, gael garcia bernal, and y tu mama tambien image y tu mama tambien and diego luna image
yay fun roadmovie! yay laughs! yay rip my heart out with broken friendships and forbidden feelings! wait...

moulin rouge (2001)

couple, moulin rouge, and ewan mcgregor image Nicole Kidman, moulin rouge, and satine image
i saw this in seventh grade and i literally skipped school the next day because i was so freaking sad about it.

dancer in the dark (2000)

dancer in the dark, bjork, and films image dancer in the dark, bjork, and björk guðmunsdóttir image
do i hate lars von trier? yes, yes i do. tw.

se7en (1995)

Image by Mikadze Sali Abusive image
i would say that this is more thriller than drama but david fincher just creates the bleakest and most hopeless atmospheres that make my kinda optimistic heart hurt.

less than zero (1988)

robert downey jr, young, and less than zero image james spader, less than zero, and rober downey jr image
okay this movie is bad. like the acting is bad except rdj, the story is bad, the 80s vibes are there in a bad way. BUT this movie made me realize that i love rdj and yeah i may have thought and cried about julien for a week afterwards.

grave of the fireflies (1988)

anime, family, and grave of the fireflies image anime, grave of the fireflies, and sad image
don't mind me, just have tears streaming down my face. why studio ghilbli. why.

the graduate (1967)

actress, aesthetic, and beauty image Abusive image
i have some serious mixed feelings about this movie. stalking disguised as love in old movies rubs me the wrong way as always but that ending! hello darkness my old friend indeed.


i need to finish this series oops