Happy Friday Hearters, it’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for. 😉 Keep reading for the 5 things our editor couldn’t get enough of this week!

Face Halo

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Shop: Face Halo Original - Pack of 3, $22

What’s better than taking your makeup off after a long day? Taking your makeup off WHILE being environmentally conscious. Hearters, meet Face Halo, the modern makeup remover- just add water and you’re good to go. Non-toxic, cruelty free and up to 200 washes your face, and the planet, will thank you! So, go responsibly dispose of your wasteful, single-use makeup wipes and trade them in for a Face Halo.


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Download: Co-Star for iOS

Raise your hand if you’re into astrology! 🙋‍♀️OK same which is why we’ve been using the Co-Star app on the daily! This hyper-personalized horoscope is different than anything you’ve ever experienced before because, unlike other more generic horoscopes you can find on the web, Co-Star is based on not only your birthday but also the exact time + location you were born. Our favorite part? Adding our friends and comparing our charts. Are you and your bestie as compatible as you think you are? Try the Co-Star app to find out.

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8 Other Reasons

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Shop: 8 Other Reasons High Summer Collection,

Say hello to your new favorite jewelry brand! 8 Other Reasons just dropped their new “High Summer” collection and our jaws shortly followed. From chunky chain necklaces to blingy statement rings there’s a piece (or 5) for everyone. Not much of a jewelry girl? Don’t worry, they’ve also got the cutest hair accessory and bag selection to choose from. Our favorite pieces from this collection are the Miley RIngs, Tate Purse + Off The Chain Choker.


euphoria, hbo, and rue image
Watch: Euphoria Preview

We know we don’t need to do much explaining here because chances are you’re already as obsessed with this HBO series as we are. Euphoria, starring our girl Zendaya, follows a group of high-schoolers navigating their way through love, friendship, scandal and social media. If you’re looking for a show to binge this weekend- this is it.

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Resting Beach Face

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Shop: Resting Beach Face Anti-Pollution Sunscreen Serum, $30

Throw out all of your other sunscreens, there’s a new SPF in town. This sunscreen serum really does it all by providing protection against nasty UV rays, natural aggressors AND the blue light emitted from the device your reading this article on (who knew). Slather yourself in Resting Beach Face before your next beach day and rest easy knowing your face is in good hands (see what we did there?) 😉