First school day is fastly approaching for most of us. And let's be honest, we all want to look on point for the first day of school. So we can suprise eveyone with our gorgeous skin, beautiful, shiny hair and bomb outfit.

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Here's my guide to look your best on your first day.


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Before school, take a day to pamper your skin. Do face mask, scrub your face, put on a face oil. So that your face is moisturized and glowing for that first day.
I truly believe that, if your skin is glowing anything else does too.


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We need our hair to look good, of course. So you need to trim it, at least, if you have not done it in a long time. It will immediately look thicker and healthier.
You can also do something different with your hair. Cut it shorter or dye it different color. It's up to you.


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Nails are very important, if you want to look put together. We can't have chipped nails. So it's best to get a manicure few days before school. Or if you don't wan to go to a nail salon, you can do it yourself at home.
The hardest part is to choose the color and design. So look for some inspiration pictures on WHI.


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Prepare you outfit a few days prior or, at least, the day before. Don't do it the morning of. You won't have time and you'll be already stressed.
Browse for some inpiration, if you don't know what to wear. Or go shopping for that new look.


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Go shopping for those school supplies early so you get the best ones. Every year I get new ones because they motivate me to take good notes in school.
Trust me, you don't want to be that kid in school, that asks for a paper or a pen on the first day.

That's it! These were my tips so you can look and feel your best on your first day. And remember to smile and have fun.

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LOVE, Karina.