1. What year I´m going to ?

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I´m going to 10th grade (omgggg)

2. What are you excited/nervous for this year?

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Well I will have new subjects , new teachers , new friends I´m excited because I think I will study subjects that I like but I´m nervous because I hope that I have good grades because It will be count on my last grade of high school.

3. What's your favourite part about getting ready for back to school?

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Buy new school supplies

4. What year were you in when you first started wearing makeup?

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I will be honest , I don´t use a lot of makeup and it´s rare the morning that I wake up and want make a makeup this just happen like one day in a week . But answering the question 7 grade.

5. Where do you get inspiration from?

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Watching study with me on Youtube , following studygrams and watching Grey´s Anatomy ahah

6. What subjects are you studying?

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1.Portuguese 2.English 3.Philosophy 4.Biology 5.Geology 6.Physicochemical 7.Mathematics

7. What are your favourite subjects?

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Biology and English

8. What are your least favourite subjects?

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Geology and Physicochemical

9. What kind of bag do you use for school?

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Mine it´s a similar model

10. What are 3 non-beauty essentials you have in your bag?

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Earphones Phone Wallet

11. What are 3 beauty essentials you carry in your bag?

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Lip balm Toothbrush Scrunchies

12. What do you wear?

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My two moods

13. Have you ever ditched or skipped classes?

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No , It´s not that I don´t want too but I´m responsible ahahah

14. Have you ever been in detention and why?

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15. Composition book or notebook?

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16. Pens or pencils?

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17. Folders or binders?

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18. Sticky notes or note cards?

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Sticky notes

19. Need calculator or already knows the answer?

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Need calculator I´m not Einstein lol

20. Planner or unorganised?

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21. Study or wing it?

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Study Follow my studygram : life_of_a_student_girl

22. Homework done night before or morning of?

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Homework done night before I like to sleep

23. Highlighters or no highlighters?

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(A lot of ) Highlighters

24. Smart or stupid as ever?

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Medium student ahahah

25. Like or hate school?

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26. Do you do any extra-curricular activities at school?

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Yes , swimming. This year I want to go to the volunteeiring group in school

27. What is your best advice?

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