Heya! It's Friday again! I actually rather like this poem, it is a relatively new one and I like the emotions it portrays. Please do not copy or put your name on it, this is an original poem by me. Thanks for reading!!!

This poem is about a caged bird, wanting to be free with a newfound soulmate = the forest. I hope you enjoy!

Caged Birds

She walked in the shadows
Made no sound in silence
Her voice was the sound of bells
Scarcely heard
Thrived in the night, dayless
Her hair the color of ravens
Her skin aglow with moonlight
When the boy saw her walking in darkness
She gave him a fright
When she turned her head
Her eyes gleamed green
The color of her lips strawberry
Her body wound tight like a spring
She was arm in arm with another
Held tight to another
Her eyelashes fluttered
She melted his heart like hot butter
All she wanted was to get away
In her eyes he saw a caged bird
Her mind was taking flight
but she couldn't say a word
She was chained to a man
She did not like
By order of her father
Die swiftly she might
When she saw the boy
Looking back at her
The man beside her kept walking
But she tried to swerve
She pulled as hard as she could,
Desperate to escape
But he had her hand
His mouth agape
The girl's eyes clamped shut
He tried off to strut
She let out a cry
She could no longer lie
Her heart did not rest with the rich
But rather with the forest deep
Not where she would sit up straight
But where she could freely sleep
Where she was not chained
Where she was't dragged
Where she could love
Without being gagged
All she wanted was to be free
And that, the man could not see
To the naked eye
She was where she belonged
With the wealthy and soon to be wed
But her brain worked in cogs
She had no heart for money
No greed in her bones
Only a love for the wild
Where the flora was uncontrolled
So the boy grabbed her free hand
And tugged her his way
He could see in her eyes
How she would decay
If left all alone
With the poor in heart
Money in their pockets
But still the selfish greed of sharks
He could see through her tears
The magic she was
Blood glowing in the marrows
Save her he must
With no kind of lust
Except for her soul
He finally freed her
He wanted to see her whole
They ran off together
Fresh air in their lungs
Sprawled out in the grass
They felt again young
The castle faded away
The trees grew tall
Then they were in a meadow
Leaves started to fall
Life was unrestrained
They'd finally gotten through the door
And they never went back
Just loved

And the innocent girl was no longer confined, hands wrapped around invisible cage bars.