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How important is social media to you? Could you live without it?

Social Media...What I have been through with it.Social media isn't so important to me so Instagram and snapchat. I could live without them. A year ago nothing and nobody would separate me from them. But today I don't even think about it. I deleted Instagram on new year's eve and it was the best decision I made. Instagram only caused me problems. I deleted Snapchat a month ago and I feel much better without it. you always had the urge to post something to show where I am and what I'm doing meanwhile no longer. But I could not live without YouTube, wattpad, WhatsApp and we heart it now. maybe I delete it sometime. with YouTube i get informed about everything important and see my favorite youtubers . also i want to make a vlog channel soon. i'm just afraid that nobody would watch my videos. with WhatsApp i write with my friends and families. at wattpad i read and write a story and on we heart it i upload articles.

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The reason why I deleted Instagram is because I found myself faking myself and trying to be as perfect as possible. I also noticed how wrong everything is. When you are out there looking into your surroundings little children, old people, your friend, everyone is just on the phone. Do you want to live in such a society? To see your own children like that. To grow up this way? Prove to everyone that you have a wonderful life? Is that you on the pictures? Do you feel so much better?
I didn't recognize myself, what I lost, what I was capable of. I want to leave social media completely at some point. I want to have a life without it. but if I feel so excluded from many now, how will I feel if I don't have social media?

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