Merel - @merellmarie

Abusive image car, aesthetic, and light image alternative, city, and girl image lips, aesthetic, and red image belair, chevrolet, and sixties image Temporarily removed Inspiring Image on We Heart It hands, stars, and photography image hands, red, and light image boots, shoes, and red image
Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, Leo Rising | ENFP | Year of the Horse

Dakota - @ravensloki

flowers, aesthetic, and daisy image aesthetic, beach, and blonde image sky, aesthetic, and hands image rainbow, grunge, and light image Image by KrisTina yellow, flowers, and aesthetic image dog, puppy, and cute image blue, bubbles, and sky image adidas, art, and doll image bunny, cute, and rabbit image
Aquarius sun, Pisces rising | ENFP | Hufflepuff | Year of the Goat

Ava - @stupidwithlcve

art, clothing, and diy image girl, grunge, and aesthetic image fireworks, night, and light image girl, yellow, and window image book, light, and aesthetic image dark academia image retro image Inspiring Image on We Heart It fashion, jeans, and style image Temporarily removed
Scorpio sun, Capricorn moon, Libra rising | Hufflepuff | Daughter of Apollo | Type 2 | Year of the Snake

Dali -

flowers, yellow, and vintage image purple, sky, and window image sky, sunset, and pink image night, street, and friends image girl, eyes, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed Image removed Temporarily removed purple, stars, and sky image beauty, lips, and makeup image
Scorpio sun | ENFJ | Year of the Horse | Slytherdor

Mafalda - @lucedellasera

house, white, and inspiration image adventure, landscape, and mountains image architecture, city, and house image Temporarily removed Image removed Image by rose camera and aesthetic image art, italy, and statue image white, aesthetic, and vintage image adventure, brunette, and girl image
Capricorn sun, Libra rising | Ravenclaw | Year of the Tiger | Chaotic Neutral
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