First of all, what's my backpack?:

backpack, orange, and kanken image aesthetic, fjallraven kanken, and girly image
a kanken with that color ;)

books and notebook

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i have so many :(


Image removed notes, planner, and school image
the school made it but it's really cute

pencil pounch

bags, cactus, and etsy image Temporarily removed
my mom made it <3

inside i have
ipchile blue pencil
red bic pencil
black pilot pencil 1.0
5 stabilo pen 68
2 sharpie fine point
3 stabilo boss
universidad mayor blue pencil
graphite artel 4B
black pencil fine point of unicorn
captain america book march
dc sisor
eraser fine point


grunge, aesthetic, and sad image alternative, aesthetic, and calculator image

after book

1, after, and libro image after, tessa, and Harry Styles image

stuff for menstruation and make up

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that's all, also i have my wallet and money but just that <3