Just to remind many of you that Dr Strange could’ve been the first Asian-superhero movie but instead they decided to hire white actors. The only character they did justice on was Mr. Wong. The ancient one is described as being an old wise Asian men in the comics, but instead of hiring an actor that fits the description, they instead hired a female English actress, Tilda Swinton. It’s also problematic for Tilda’s part for even auditioning/accepting the role in the 1st place. I don’t really think it would matter if the gender was Change as long as the actor was Asian.

Director Scott Derrickson said that the character itself was offensive: “We weren’t going to have the ancient one as the Fu Manchu magical Asian on the hill being the mentor to the white hero. I knew that we had a long way to get away from the stereotype and cliché”. If this was offensive, than why was it the Asians who were upset that you hired a white actress for the character. Apparently Fu Manchu was a villain, not guru.

In the comics and even from the creator himself (Steve Ditko) whom have confirmed and hinted that Dr Strange is in fact East Asian. Even when you bring up his ethnicity to the fans, there’s a mini wave of angry Denial. The one of the reasons it’s like this is because Dr Strange has always been portrayed by white actors. It’s problematic on the casting director’s part to even hire a white actor and it’s problematic for the white actors part to even accept the role in the first place.

Asian actors in the marvel have only appeared as side kicks and cameos. The god Hugon in Thor played by Tadanobu Asano, Dr Helen Cho in Avengers: Age of Ultron, played in cameo by south Asian actress Claudia Kim. Even the character, Mantis has been dubbed down as being just someone who puts people to sleep. In the comics, she can sense weak points in an opponent and with her skills in pressure points can knockout brings as powerful as the thunder god, Thor. Her powers are more extreme than what we see in GOTG. All I’m saying is we had the chance to have an Asian superhero movie back in 2016, but instead Asians had to wait for 3-4 years for their representation in MCU.

Also to the critics who say that Simu Liu is ‘too ugly’ to Play Shang Chi.
Fuck you and your racist views !!!!