Hey everyone ! It's been a long time that I didn't write an article so let's do it a kpop tag that I saw on the account of @sef_eyy

I'm going to inspire me of some questions and maybe add others :)

1- Top 6 boy group

boys, gif, and idol image
gif, jin, and v image
gif, jackson, and JB image
gif, Seventeen, and ot13 image
Temporarily removed
gif image

2-Top 6 girl group

always, beauty, and bora image
2ne1, gif, and 2ne1 gifs image
gif, girls, and group image
gif, gleam, and solar image
aesthetic, asian girls, and beautiful image
gif, idle, and minnie image

3-Top 6 biases

aesthetic, asian boy, and eat image
Suga / Yoongi
gif, wonho, and monsta x image
Wonho / Hoseok
gif, i.m, and changkyun image
I.M / Changkyun
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gif, cute, and juho image
Zuho / Juho
Seventeen, the8, and minghao image
THE8 / Minghao

4- Your ult bias

I hate this question bc I can't choose. I love so much all of my bias, this is already difficult to choose one or two or three bias for me so an ult :')
But, If I absolutely have to choose, I think it's Yoongi because, he's my first bias, I love so much his way to think and I admire his passion, his talent.

gif, k-pop, and bts image

5- First kpop song you ever listened to
Ofc, as the majority of people who didn't know the kpop, the real first song I listened to is Gangnam style by PSY. But the first song I listened to by myself is this masterpiece :

Temporarily removed
bts, taehyung, and kpop image bts, jimin, and jungkook image

6- Your fave debut

I've more that one :

gif, kpop, and Seventeen image
1995, 1999, and 2000 image
gif, kpop, and energetic image
Energetic by WANNA ONE
gif, cix, and bx image
Movie star by CIX

7-How long have you been into kpop?
2 years :)

8- Your least fave group

9- Your least song by your fave group

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I love the mv, the choregraphy, their haircut etc but the music in herself, nope I don't hang on. Same for their collaboration with Zara Larson or Lights their last japanese comeback.

10- Best kpop dancers

army, asian, and boy image
J-hope / Hoseok
Temporarily removed
gif, grey hair, and JB image
JB / Jaebum
Temporarily removed
Ravi / Wonsik
gif, juho, and zuho image
Zuho / Juho
gif, hair, and sunmi image
art, awesome, and dance image
Ten & Winwin

11- In your opinion, who is the best kpop rapper?
Hm, is this possible to choose simply one ? Surely but personally, I can't so :

Yoongi, Wonwoo, Jackson, Zuho, Jooheon, I.M, Mino, Bobby, Ravi, G. Dragon

kpop, bts, and yoongi image Seventeen, wonwoo, and jeon wonwoo image kpop, got7, and igot7 image baek juho, zuho, and sf9 image jooheon, monsta x, and 90s image 90s, monsta x, and im image winner, mino, and kpop image Temporarily removed boy, Hot, and kpop image gd, gdragon, and jiyong image

CL, LE, Hwasa, Moonbyul, Soyeon

CL, 2ne1, and yg image girl, korean, and kpop image Image by miiims mamamoo and moonbyul image Image by ؘ

12-Favourite vocalists

V, JB, Kihyun, Jaeyoon, DK & Seungkwan, Jun, Taeil, Do young, Leo, Woosung

bts, taehyung, and v image jackson, JB, and kpop image kpop, yoo, and kihyun image Image removed DK, Seventeen, and seokmin image jun, Seventeen, and wen junhui image icon, kpop, and block b image Image by Loup Leo and vixx image Image by Siniestra

Hyolin, Sunmi, Hani, Wendy, Yuqi, Shuhua, Wheein

k-pop, kpop, and sistar image Image by Loup exid, ahn heeyeon, and heeyeon image body, edit, and icons image icon, yuqi, and gidle image kpop, gidle, and shuhua image mamamoo, wheein, and kpop image

13- Fave leaders
JB, RM, Taeyong, Shownu, S.Coups, Youngbin, GD, Irene

jackson, JB, and jinyoung image bts, kpop, and rm image taeyong, jaehyun, and nct image icon, kpop, and lq image Temporarily removed sf9 and young bin image asian boy, gd, and gdragon image aesthetic, fashion, and girl image

14- Fave maknaes

Chani, Dino, Hwasa, Sehun

aesthetic, film, and k-pop image Chan, dino, and Seventeen image exo image aesthetic, korean, and kpop image

15-Your favourite visuals
Mark, T.O.P, Hyungwon , Jaehyun Mingyu, Vernon

got7, kpop, and mark image top, bigbang, and kpop image kpop, chae, and hyungwon image Temporarily removed Seventeen, mingyu, and kim mingyu image kpop, Seventeen, and pledis image

16- Your fave otp
Whatever if it's real or not EVEN IF SOMETIMES I'VE DOUBTS but i have 4 that I love so much

gif, hug, and jackson image
gif, kpop, and bts image
gif, hug, and otp image
gif, jun, and Seventeen image

17-Your favourite.s kdrama

Temporarily removed
gif, while you were sleeping, and jung hae in image
While you were sleeping
gif and he is psychometric image
JYP, kdrama, and yeeun image kdrama, yeeun, and jinyoung image
He is psychometric

18- Your favourite idol who has starred in a kdrama

bts, taehyung, and v image bts and taehyung image
Image removed Image removed
edit, kpop, and soft image Image removed

19- Do you have any merch?
Yes I have a aghabong.

20- Ever been to a kpop concert?
Yes, last year I saw GOT7 at Paris.

jackson, JB, and mark image jackson, JB, and mark image
gif, got7, and yugyeom image
gif, jackson, and JB image
gif, jackson, and blue lenses image
gif, mark, and mark tuan image

21- Favourite hair colour on your bias(es)?
It depends

gif, mint, and run image
Mint color for Yoongi
g-dragon, gd, and bigbang image g-dragon, gd, and kpop image
Green for GD
gif, mark, and mark tuan image
Light purple for Mark
wonho image wonho and monsta x image
Blond or white and blue for Hoseok
gif, sf9, and hwi young image
Brown for Hwi young
gif, zuho, and sf9 image
Dark for Juho
Seventeen, the eight, and xu minghao image Image removed
Dark or light brown for Minghao

22- If you could switch bodies with any kpop idol, who would it be?

aesthetic, body, and gif image

23- What position in a kpop group do you think you would have?
Idk sing or rap and I haven't the physic of a visual so I think dance bc I can learn in order to become a good dancer

24- What do you love most about kpop?
It isn't a simple style of music, it's an univers. Once you enter in, it's the end you can't leave bc it makes a part of your habits. And concerts .. The princip of fanchants and lightsticks, I love so much this.

25- What's your fave music video?

bts, gif, and jin image
gif, Seventeen, and hoshi image
Getting closer
dino, gif, and jun image
Lilili Yabbay
gif, jackson, and JB image
gif, jackson, and mv image
fantasy, gif, and taeyang image
Now or never
Temporarily removed

26- What song do you listen to when you're happy?

asian, boys, and bright image
Mamma mia
gif, Seventeen, and hoshi image
Change up
Image by Lili 🧡🌞 handsome, JB, and mark image
Time out

27-kpop, khh, k rock or k indie?
kpop and khh

28- A song that makes you happy
I've more that one

Image by Lili 🧡🌞 Seventeen, vernon, and joshua image
gif, gleam, and solar image
artist, dance, and gif image
artist, gif, and zico image

29- A song that reminds you of something

exo, sehun, and chanyeol image
Universe just reminds me winter 2017

30- A song that makes you cry

first love, kpop, and wallpaper image bts, suga, and yoongi image
First love at each time that I listen to, I have goosebumps while it makes 2years I've listened.
Image by Lili 🧡🌞 got7, igot7, and ahgase image
Thank you bc Jinyoung wrote these lyrics to thanks ahgase, that's so cute and beautiful + it reminds me their concert.
bigbang, book, and g-dragon image asia, band, and big bang image
If you : all is beautiful in this music
Image by Lili 🧡🌞 khh, sik-k, and sik k image
Xanax by Sik-k. It's not kpop but khh but this song is soo sad but at the same time beautiful.

31- A song you know all the word

gif, kpop, and mv image
Getting closer
okay, got7, and jackson wang image got7, jackson, and jackson wang image boy, jackson, and okay image jackson, okay, and wang image
Image by Lili 🧡🌞 gif, jackson, and youngjae image

32- An unpopular kpop opinion of yours?
(G)-IDLE's Shuhua isn't enough put forward and has very little of lines while she's beautiful, a good dancer and has a soft voice.

33- What other music do you listen to other than kpop?
Rock, french and us rap and electro.

34- Ballads or upbeat songs?
Both bc it depends of my mood

Thank you for taking the time to read my article :) Love you !