Here are some songs i took from my past relationship, in german, english, italian and french because he was.


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Paradise - Lefa

Me Gusta - DTF

Geronimo - OBOY


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Acqua - Tedua

Niente Canzoni D’Amore - Marracash ft Federica Abbate

DARK LOVE GANG - Dark Polo Gang


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Licht - Mauli

1,40m - Prinz Pi

Du bist so schön wenn du schläfst - Marino

Vergissmeinnicht - METRICKZ

When i die you'll love me - Karma

So wie du bist - MoTrip


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Bubbles - Ryan Caraveo

Missin you crazy - Russ

Made Love First - Marc. E. Bassy

Kmttp - 1$T

iKnow - Thatshymn

HEART$ - Luke Christopher

Falling - Trevor Daniel

FaceTime for 30 - NO1-NOAH

Hopeless Romantic - Wiz Khalifa, Swae Lee

Changes - H.E.R.

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