Hello beautiful hearters.How are you?Today I am going to do a new article with title "how to make you proud of you in a notebook". I am going to tell you 7 tips,about how to make yourself proud of who you are.You are going to need a notebook and very honestly.I won't say anything else...Let's start.

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  • Write down about the things you did and you are proud of them.Things you did with hard work and they make you happy.Also write down about your knowledge.
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  • Write down what you are good at.
  • Write down about things you did to help your fellow humans.
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  • Write down about things you did to help the environment and animals.
  • Write down your goals
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  • Write down about people you made friends and you are proud that you met them.
  • Read it again,again and again until you realize that you have done many things to be proud of them.
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