Hey sweeties!
School is coming in a month and I'm going to college next year so I made a research and brought you 5 tips to survive to college cuz I also need it. Hope you like it.
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1| Use your free time wisely

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This is the most important, for me. By free time I mean every minute you're not in classes. You have to eat, study, relax and sleep. This 4 things are ALL important so don't remove any.

2| Make new friends

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I know it can be hard making new friends and ,maybe, you're afraid because you don't know anyone, but think that everybody is feeling the same. Start asking "Where are you from?" or "What course are you in?".

3| Use apps

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If your phone is always with you, there are some apps that can help you to study. Examples:ExamTime, Timetable, PhotoMath, Freedom, Camscanner,etc. Tell me if you want me to explain one by one.

4| Keep a diary

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Are you a person who prefer write than talk? Or do you like to have everything organised and don't froget anythig? Keep a diary and write everything you're feeling, and everything it's happening. You can read it later and I swear it can helps. Also write there what do you have to do every week or everyday.

5| Don't be too hard on yourself

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You are human, you get tired, you need to rest, to eat... and you have a lot of things beside school. You can do it, but if you're not succeding then don't blame yourself. You're giving your best and that's ok if your best it's not enough. We're all learning all the time, that's ok if you don't know how to do something. That's ok. Be happy. <3

Hope my tips help you.

See you next post.
XOXO, Anita
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