1. "Game of thrones" sucks

This is the most overrated show ever. I've never read the books and I won't say anything about them, they may be good. But the show is not.

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2. People watch "Riverdale" only because Cole Sprouse

And because it's teen show. You know, the cast is mostly young cute people. Of course, Betty became bad and everything and it's sooo cool for most people.

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3. "Euphoria" is overrated

The show has a good meaning, it's interesting. But let's be real here, if Zendaya wasn't in the cast, the show wouldn't be so popular.

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4. "Friends" is not a good show

People like it mostly because the 90s vibes. And the quotes. It's so basic.

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5. "Teen wolf" is overrated

Just no

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6. The best shows gets cancelled because they're not "teen" and people don't watch them

Yes, people don't even try to understand the story of a show if it's not teen show. Yes, the cast is not 20-25, so what? This is bullshit. They cancelled shows like "Damien" , "Constantine" , "Hannibal" , "Sleepy Hollow" , "The exorcist" , "Sense8" and "Dark Angel" because wow what a tragedy, the cast or most of it is older than 30. Or what about "Hemlock Grove"? No one knew about it before Bill Skarsgard took a part in "It" and you saw how beautiful he is.

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7. "50 shades" are the worst movies (and books)

There is nothing different about this. People try to lecture me "he changes because of her". Okay, sure. This is literally in every book and movie. And this woman can't write, sorry.

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8. "The fault in our stars" is sooo overrated

Um??? Maybe I'm heartless, idk

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9. "Stranger things" is good, but overrated

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10. "American horror story" is not good

It's nothing special, actually. And it's so annoying that the seasons are not connected.

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11. "Amelie" is not that good movie

The actress is super cute but maybe the movie is just not my type

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12. Constantine tv show ˃ Constantine movie

Kianu, I love you

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13. Most comedies sucks. They're not even funny.

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14. "Simpsons" is so fucking dumb

First, why this is on kids channels? If it's animated, doesn't mean it's for kids. Just like "Family guy" . I doubt I've ever watched something more stupid than these two.

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15. The best animated shows are no longer on tv

They are "Courage-the cowardly dog" , "Samurai Jack" , "Powerpuff girls" , "Kid vs cat" , "Tom and Jerry" , "Dexter's laboratory" , "The pink panther" and more.

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