Welcome to the first official post of my back to school series!!

We all want to be prepared for the new school year so we don't have to worry about everything when school actually starts.

Well moii will help you so that you start this school year as the princess you are


It's important to have your backpack/bag for the next school year ready. AND that it's good quality (strong) and that you like it of course! Beginning the new school year with a backpack that you don't like isn't something that will motivate you. Remember, the little things make us the happiest.
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school supplies

It's REALLY important to get all your school supplies before school starts like notebooks, planner, highlighters, etc. I made a list for myself so that I know what I need to get and not what I want to get. Of course, you can also buy the stuff you just want to get, but focus on the main things, the things you really need. You can get all of the other stuff another time, your priority right now is school.
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Pencil case

Try finding a cute handy pencil case that will keep you happy and motivated when you look at it. Sounds stupid, but will work.
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Look in your clothes, do you like all those clothes? No, give them away. and start fresh. Go shopping for some new clothes and give the things you don't like away (Don't go shopping for a whole new wardrobe just go shop for some jeans, shirts, whatever you want). Make some cute outfits for the first week and/or year (You know, combining clothes you never know what to wear with) And BOM, you will be the one shining the first week and whole year.
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bullet journal/planner

I can't say this more,
Get. A. Planner. It's really gonna help you to stay organized. I have a bullet journal and I plan everything in there. it motivates me, makes me happy plus I stay organized.
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I never know how to style my hair like, it's always the same. If you have the same issue, look at some cute hairstyles on the internet and copy them! Screenshot it, screen film it, print them out- whatever you want! Let's try something new right?
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sleep schedule

This is really important, Sleep is really important, your health is important. Sleeping at one time and waking up at one time is really important and will make your life so much easier. I recommend you to have a good sleep schedule where you get at least 8/9 hours of sleep. And if you didn't follow one this break, begin with it at least 1/2 weeks before school starts to get a little bit more used to it. mine is sleeping at 10, waking up at 6.
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make a routine

Skincare routine, workout routine, morning routine, night routine- you know what I mean. Having routines makes your life so much easier. Of course, your routines don't need to be the same the whole year, changing things up is good. But keep the basic things in like eating breakfast, studying, showering, etc. Have a good skincare routine to keep your face healthy and clean. Have a good workout routine so you stay fit, healthy, happy and stay moving. Have a good morning routine so you will start the day happy and motivated. And have a good night routine so you will end the day with a big smile and relieved heart.
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Having goals is definitely one of the things that will keep you moving and working hard. Maybe you wanna get better In math or improve your handwriting, maybe study more, workout more. Whatever it is, you want to reach it. I should keep it on places where you will see them and writing in your phone, journal, anywhere you want. So when the year is over, you can cross it off!
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plan ahead

Someone mentioned this once in an article and I think it's really smart. Knowing what you want to do is really important. Like when do you wanna study and how long? When will you workout, etc. It's similar to making routines but then for a week, a 'week routine'. On Sunday and thursday, I will run. everyday I will workout after school for 1 hour, I will study everyday 1 hour, I will read every day for 30 minutes and keep going.
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I also had another tip but I literally forgot it bruh.

I still hope you liked it and that it was helpful, see you in my next article!

Kiss, Kiss,