• Full Name: Dove Charlie Harrington
  • Nicknale(s): Dovhoney
  • Age: 17
  • Date of Birth: March 15
  • Zodiac Sign: Picses
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Ethnicities: Dutch, Australian
  • Hometown: San Francisco


  • Hair
beach, blond, and brunette image hair, girl, and fashion image Temporarily removed hair, girl, and curly image
She has curly blond hair.
  • Eyes
eyes, girl, and beauty image brown eyes image
She has big Brown eyes.
  • Face & Body
beautiful, girls, and models image body, bikini, and inspo image bikini, girls, and orange image beauty and girl image
She is a very tall blond hair with Brown eyes girl. She has a lot of freckles. She is really pretty & Always has a smile on.


  • Everyday
beach, hoodie, and hoops image Temporarily removed girl, summer, and beach image girl and thalia bree image
She loves hoodies and Always wears them.
  • At School
Burberry, fashion, and iconic image Temporarily removed fashion, style, and outfit image Image removed
She wears, as all of the students, a checkered skirt, a white shirt, a black blazer & white nike.
  • For Parties
fashion, dress, and style image gris, night, and outfit image girl, outfit, and white image fashion, dress, and style image
She wears really sexy outfits, the opposite of what she wears Everyday.
  • For Events
fashion and style image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image fashion, style, and girl image fashion, style, and gold image
She loves wearings set & basic clothes.


  • For parties
beauty, eyebrow, and eyes image lips, girl, and lipstick image


girl, summer, and smile image Mature image girl, friends, and aesthetic image girl, blond, and feminist image
Dove is the funny, sassy & goofy girl of the group. She is also really feminist & matur because she lives alone.


  • Sport(s)
girl, surf, and summer image summer, beach, and surf image
She loves surfing with her best friend Sara, even though she is pretty bad at it.
  • Other
girl, grunge, and night image girl, city, and skateboard image
She loves skateboarding.


hair, bed, and blonde image Image removed Image removed friends, best friends, and bff image
She likes sleeping so she is often late at school, parties, watermelon & being goofy.


pink, aesthetic, and quotes image Temporarily removed eyes, black and white, and aesthetic image travel, germany, and city image
She hates perfect girl, her dad, annoying people & Spring.

Favorite Color(s)

pink, sky, and wallpaper image
Pink, orange & Blue.

Significant Other

artist, smile, and why don't we image
She has a crush on Sam, one of her friend.

Old Halloween Costumes

Image removed Temporarily removed


aesthetic, notes, and organize image
She is a student in a private school.


Image by Nosga Tosja family image
She hasn't got any siblings & her dad left her mother years ago. Now, she lives with her mother & they get belong very well.


Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Her dog; Bill.

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