Favorite Youtube Channels and creators

These are ones that I watch ALL the time!

Shane Dawson : Shane

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Hey what's up you guys, YES! OMG! OMG! OMG! He is incredibly popular and creative in his videos! His videos consists of docu series, conspiracy theories, collabs, trying products and reacting to videos.

Adriene Mishler : Yoga With Adriene

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Namaste! Adriene is kind and calm spirit who is a yoga instructor and has a wide range of yoga practice videos to target different body parts, emotions and occupations.

Issa : Twaimz

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Stay bad bitches! Issa has a love of llamas, and he is funny and crazy with his super edited videos like vlogs, reactions, catchy songs and playing scary games

Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld : The Try Guys

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Triceratops! They first got their break as buzzfeed employees and creating their group. They now have quit and made their own youtube channel with videos that consists of trying jobs, making pie and pottery, home diy, vlogs, makeup, adventures, dogsitting, and saying important messages.

Kalel : Kalel Kitten

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She has been around for almost 10 years on youtube and has been on and off on many channels. Even though Kalel can be all over the place in her consistency to post videos, I still love her content. She posts videos about makeup, food, decor, vlogging life in general and struggles she has gone through.

Tana Mongeau

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Welcome to my channel or welcome back to my channel! Oh Tana, she is a hurricane but so so funny and wild. Tana's videos are mostly vlogs and story time rants but other videos include test driving, makeup, hanging with her friends, trying products, annoying her manager and collabing with big youtubers

Karlie Kloss : Klossy

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Like a kloss! I've been a huge of Karlie Kloss since her VS days and admire her career in high fashion. She now has a youtube channel which she talks about coding for girls, answering questions, fashion, traveling, cooking and vlogging fun events


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An interesting channel with videos discussing important topics with peoples opinions and explanations. Like "Spectrum", where people choose a line to stand on after a question, and whether you agree with the participants answers or not it's interesting to see what people say. Other videos include blind dating, "6 vs 1/odd man out", "middle ground", couples and relationship questions.

Cut : Cut and Fear Pong

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Need a good laugh or bored? Watch Cut. It has white walled videos which have "lineups" for guessing ages, crimes, couples, virginity, tattoos, occupations and hotness. They have games called "truth or drink" where you either tell the truth or drink, also there are "100 people" and their answers/reactions to citizenships test, vices, breakups, taste tests, etc, and finally two groups that walk to labeled circles during question rounds to get the percentage of votes.

Joe Santagato : Joe Santagato, Santagato Studios, The Basement Yard, and Veterans Minimum

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What's up guys its Joe! Joe is hilarious and fearless in his videos. He runs four channels now and mostly posts on his podcast and youtube channel "The Basement Yard." The "Joe Santagato" channel has reactions, skits, idiots of the internet, whisper challenges and storytimes. "Veteran's Minimum" is sports related, and "Santagato Studios" is extra videos, skits again, vlogging, tests and fun times with his friends.

Jenna Mourey : Jenna Marbles

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Imma do it. We all know and love fellow youtube veteran Jenna Marbles. Her videos range from all different types like skits, reactions, makeup, arts and crafts, dog vlogs, cooking, dress up, and others!

Emily DiDonato

dress, fashion, and girl image beauty, didonato, and beautiful image Emily Didonato, fashion, and model image beauty, girls, and gorgeous image
Emily is a beautiful catalog and high fashion model who now has her own youtube channel. She talks about her life, modeling experience, does collabs with other fellow models and does tutorials for makeup, skin care and hair.

Brad Mondo

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What's up my beautiful babes? Live your extra life. Brad is a glamorous and knowable hairdresser who knows so much about hair, styling, hair dying, chopping, etc. He also reacts to ANTM's makeovers, fire hair cuts, bad bleaching/dying, and styling tools.

Ryland Adams

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Hey guys, Good Morning! Ryland was a news reporter for Cleever and other small channels. Now he is his own creator of content like vlogs, collabs, trying products, dogs, adventures with his friends and fiance Shane.

Sanne Vloet

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Sanne is a high fashion, dutch model where she makes posts about behind the scenes of fashion week, festivals and does coffee talks and collabs with other models.

Philip DeFranco

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Sup you beautiful bastards, hope you're having a fantastic thursday and let's just jump right into it! He is a great way to find out recent news not only in North America but all over that ranges from youtube, health, scandals, crime, rumors, celeb drama and politics.

Shay Mitchell

shay mitchell and actress image mirror, style, and gold image shay mitchell and lana del rey image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
The wonderful and talented actress Shay Mitchell makes creative videos with fellow youtubers and celebs while talking about her work and vacations! She has surprised everyone by telling the world she is pregnant and now has a series about her life being pregnant with the struggles and excitement called "Almost Time."

Cristine : Simply Nailogical and Simply Not Logical

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What do ya think? Cristine is a holosexual who has an obsession with holo, nail polish, and does crafts from other youtube channels like Troom Troom. She also has a masters degree and loves nail art. Her channel has changed overtime and has turned into reactions and has more interactions with other youtubers and fans. She also has another channel with bloopers, fan mail and other nail art related content.

Ellen DeGeneres: The Ellen Show

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Be kind to one another! Who doesn't love Ellen? Ellen posts content from her interviews, challenges, extra "show me more" clips, behind the scenes and more fun games with celebrities. She will always make you laugh and feel better when you need to get your mind off of things. And of course she gives back and loves to help others!

Romee Strijd

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Romee is a VS and high fashion model who posts vlogs during her travels with her boyfriend Laurens. She also has workout videos and beauty tips.

Fine Brothers : REACT and FBE

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The Fine Bros have started a company called FBE where they post various celebrities, youtubers and generations reacting to highly requested, popular or important topics. They also do games like "Try not to laugh, cry or touch." Or they have "guess that song, movie", or " top 10."

Buzzfeed : Multiplayer, Violet, Celeb, Ladylike, Pero Like, News, and Video

ladylike, buzzfeed, and buzzfeed unsolved image buzzfeed unsolved, shane madej, and ryan bergara image puppy, buzzfeed, and dylan o'brien image asian, gala, and squad image
Buzzfeed is known for it's online quizzes but they also have a wide range of videos from mental and physical health, comedy, skits, fashion, makeup, reactions, sex ed, trying products, celebs with animals, taste testing, gaming, news, facts, friendships, relationships and the LGBTQ community. I use to be obsessed with their taste tests, and the try guys. Now I watch the 100 baby challenge with the sims, truth or false, worth it and ladylike.

Kelsey Impicciche : Kelsey Dangerous

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Hey guys I'm Kelsey! She is an up and coming youtuber who is also a Buzzfeed employee. Most of her content is her gaming and playing live on twitch while posting vlogs and her cute doggy. And she plays sims on the Buzzfeed Multiplayer channel which is so funny and addicting.

Jessica Kobeissi

aesthetic, alternative, and art image girl, photography, and beautiful image aesthetic, amazing, and beauty image aesthetic, animal print, and beauty image
Jessica is a Lebanese photographer who is talented and captures amazing images. She travels to different parts of the world to take pictures with models and even strangers. She also does challenges with other photographers to compare photos and use different props and camera equipment.

Safiya Nygaard

saf, internet famous, and youtuber image saf, internet famous, and safiya image safiya, youtuber, and safiya nygaard image fashion, style, and safiya nygaard image
Hello friends! Safiya is funny, fearless and unique with her melting over 100 lipsticks and candles videos to her creating a sauna in her house from amazon products. She also does beauty and fashion related videos and tests products or creates/combines her own. Her and her now fiance Tyler work together to create interesting content!


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Vogue is one of the most well known fashion magazines in the world and they have their own youtube channel with "73 questions", behind the scenes of catwalks, makeup tutorials, fashion week, designers take on their creations, model interviews, Anna Wintour (who is the editor-in-chief of the magazine) opinion on what's in and what's not.

British Vogue

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With Edward Enninful of British Vogue, it is one of the most classy and popular fashion magazine in Europe. Like Vogue on YouTube, they also post videos on fashion week, behind the scenes, interviews, and "what's in my handbag."