If you want to read a touching story, one that will stick to you forever, one that will touch your heart in so many ways. Then is The memory keeper’s daughter the book for you.

This book was written by Kim Edwards. She is an American novelist and educator, she teaches writing at the University of Kentucky. Kim wrote three novels and three short stories, with her short stories she won a Whiting award and Nelson Algren award.

The memory keeper’s daughter was such a beautiful, moving novel, it really touched my heart. It’s definitely a story for people with a sensitive soul!

The book starts in the Winter of 1964 and doctor Henry and his wife are having a baby, she wasn’t due for another week or so. The baby wanted to come early and it was a heavy snowstorm. They rushed to the hospital where Dr. Henry works, but the doctor that was supposed to deliver the baby had an accident. So David Henry had to deliver the baby himself. What they didn’t know after the first baby came, was that he was having twins. While his wife passed out he delivered the second baby, but she didn’t look as normal and healthy as her twin brother, she had Down’s syndrome. So David decided to let the nurse Caroline Gill take the baby away. With pain in her heart she took the baby away to an institution. The moment she walked in she knew this would not be the place she would let the baby grow up. Caroline fled with the baby and wrote David so many times. David told his wife that the second baby died at birth. That lie drove them apart, made problems and hurt in their family. There would always be something missing in their lives…

Now I won’t tell anymore! You will have to read the book to know how it ends and what plot-twists there will be!

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