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I am back with a new Gyst article. For the ones who don't know what Gyst means, please find my Gyst collection below.

We are half way August now, which means we're still enjoying Summer to the fullest. But I think now is also the perfect time to prepare ourselves for a new work or school year, and to create a new and fresh routine.
In this article I want to share some tips on how to prepare yourself for the upcoming year.
Enjoy! xx

1. Plan your days
If you want to create a routine, it is important to plan your days, weeks,... Buy a cute planner, write down when you have to go to school, when you want to free your time for hobbies, for friends. When you want to work out, or work for school on a daily or weekly basis, try to do this at a the same time each day/week. It will help creating a routine.

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2. Prepare the next day
Lay out the clothes you want to wear the next day, prepare your food for the next day, if you want to work out, make sure to lay out your work-out clothes as well. When you wake up the next morning and you see everything ready for the day, it will make you excited to start your day.

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3. Be realistic with your planning
Don't plan too much in one day or one week, stay realistic. It's only the beginning of a new school year, so don't plan to study 4 chapters on day one. Don't plan on working out for 3 hours, when you haven't worked out during the Summer. Start slowly, get used to it again. But start from day one.

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4. Don't forget your social life
Plan some days off. Days where you go shopping with your friends, go for lunch, or go to the movies. When you have planned these little days off, it keeps you going during your school week, because something excited is coming at the end of your week, and you know have deserved it.

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5 . Plan together with your friends
I think it is much more fun to plan with your friends. Plan your study time together, so you know everyone will be studying at the same time. Plan your dates together, plan lunch breaks together. When you know your friends are studying right now, you will be motivated to study as well.

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These were my 5 tips to start this year with a motivating mindset, what is your motivation for this year?

One of the most important keys to success is having the discipline to do what you know you should to, even when you don't feel like doing it.

xoxo Jane

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