Hey everyone , I thought , because I did the must have clothes for Autumn , why not do the matching accessories , which give your outfit even more style. I think I am going to do it from now on more often , so if you want it aswell give a heart :) I mean it is still summer , but I love Autumn and the cozy weather so why not write it now to cool you down from this heat. Enjoy reading it.

The hair circlet: One of my loved ones , you can buy it in every possible way , red with stripes , yellow and more thicker or even in the beloved animal print. For the Autumn the trend is hair circlets with glitter and pearls. It isn´t just cute and classic , but also really comfortable and your annoying hair does not fall in your face.

The hair clip: I mean who hasn't already heard about this trend, you see it everywhere ,this Autumn it is still going to be with us . The most famous one is the clip with pearls on it. the more you wear the better.

A big 90s comeback in the direction jewelry is the charm-bracelet and also brooches.

The scrunchies trend is also still going to be in the Autumn , I mean that is perfect , because who doesn't like a big, soft scrunchy , which you can switch color for every outfit.

xx Carla