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someone asked:
Just wondering what spelling mistakes you see beginners use a lot

This is a cool question. This is by no means every beginner, but some common errors I see are:

1. 안영하세요
This doesn’t bother me as much as it used to because it sounds really similar.

2. ‘VERB’ㄹ/을 거에요
It is more natural to SAY it like this, but the correct spelling is “거예요”. Before anyone says differently, remember that 거예요 is from 것이다 and how do we conjugate 이다? (hint: check this ask out if you don’t know - you also drop the “ㅅ” when conjugating)

3. 맡다
Ironically enough, a lot of the people I tutor will get this wrong when I test their listening skills. The correct verb is 맞다 and it means to be correct but the sound change makes the “ㅈ” sound sort of like a “ㅌ”

4. 오랫만이에요
Sometimes, like number 2, it can sound more natural to say it like this, however, the correct spelling is 오랜만이에요. (this is not the same for 오랫동안)

5. 감사함니다
Yes, it is natural to nasalize the “ㅂ” to a “ㅁ”, but it isn’t correct in spelling. Being familiar with sound change will help you sound more fluent!

6. 되요
This is kind of a little tricky, but when you conjugate 되다 it becomes 돼요.

7. 쉬하다
This means to pee. Yeah.

If you’re looking to say “rest” it’s 쉬다.

That’s really it for the spelling errors that I see. Some are funny and I get a good laugh, but thanks for the ask! Happy Learning :)