I did 30 questions about me a few days ago. Then I came up with more so I thought it would be cool to write another article. So here are even more facts about me (if you didn't have enough). :D

if you haven't read the first article

Enjoy! :)))

1. my name

Sára - from hebrew שרה (Sārā) meaning lady, princess, noblewoman, priestess

2. favorite people in my life

Family - my parents who I cherish and love very much and their thoughts and opinions are very dear to me

Friends - I don't have many friends but I have a few very close ones with whom I can share and laugh and do all the serious and also crazy stuff

3. favorite book(s)
jane austen, john green, and narnia image

C.S.Lewis - The Chronicles of Narnia
Antoine de Saint Exupéry - The Little Prince
Lucy Maud Montgomery - Anne of Green Gables
Francine Rivers - The Mark of The Lion series, Redeeming Love
Tessa Afshar - Pearl in The Sand

C.S. Lewis - Case for the Christian Faith
John and Stasi Eldredge - Captivating: Unveiling the Mystery of a Woman's Soul
John Bevere - Good or God?
Alex and Brett Harris - Do Hard Things: A Teenage Rebellion Against Low Expectations

4. hobbies
book, girl, and reading image cat, art, and paint image cosy, inspiration, and journal image car, sunset, and aesthetic image
I enjoy reading and writing very much. I keep a journal in which I write all the important stuff - what gives me joy and what troubles me. I also like to write a fiction, I have had a tons of stories in my head since I was a child and I do a little bit of poetry too. I love traveling - not just being in a different country but the traveling itself is very exciting and adventurous for me. I try to do some photography (just for fun, nothing serious) and lately I picked up on drawing and painting.
5. sports
girl, pool, and summer image beauty, model, and Skiing image Cowgirl, horses, and outdoors image girl, nature, and adventure image
I do mostly individual sports such as swimming, hiking, roller skating and horseback riding and in the winter skiing and ice skating. I also like table tennis.
6. adrenaline
Temporarily removed boyfriend, adrenaline, and biker image
That's a big NO for me. I am scared of hights so I hate everything that has to do with that - bungee jumping, roller coasters, paragliding, high waterslides... But what I can stand is driving on a motorbike...well not me driving but sitting behind someone who is.
7. fantasy or sci-fi
fantasy, king, and love image earth, moon, and prey image
8. house or flat
autumn, autumnal, and cosy image cozy, lake house, and architecture image
9. heart or brain
Image by ⓣⓞⓑⓘⓘⓘ heart, brain, and art image
10. do I use make-up?
beauty, eyes, and nomakeup image brownhair, fairy, and peace image
no - I used to when I was a teen but now I don't see a point in it
11. favorite quote
god, rose, and stand forever image
It tells me that even when everything else fades away God will still stay the same and I can always rely on Him.
12. favorite actors
benedict cumberbatch image iron man, rdj, and robert downey jr image loki and tom hiddleston image johnny depp and johnny image beauty, black, and black dress image Temporarily removed Image by Ranem El.Afifi Temporarily removed
13. lights or balloons
girl, light, and photography image paris image
14. month I was born in
Temporarily removed cold, mirror, and snowing image
december <3
15. my country
beautiful, nature, and slovak image nature image green, hiking, and nature image landscape, beautiful, and slovakia image
Slovakia - the heart of Europe <3
16. a movie that everybody seen but I haven't
Temporarily removed titanic, rose, and jack image
Titanic - haven't seen it and never plan to :D
17. thoughts on alcohol
wine, drink, and aesthetic image jack daniels, cigarette, and smoke image
I have never been drunk (only a little bit tipsy but not much) and I don't see any point in it plus I think I am already past the age I could see any point in it. :D I drink occasionally with my family or friends during birthdays and other celebrations.
18. morning or night
clouds, sunset, and beautiful sky image clouds, galaxy, and inspiration image
It's strange since I am a night person and tend to do a lot of things during nights (like writing this article) but I just can't explain my sympathy for the very early mornings / the dawn. I simply adore it - when all the things are waking up into a new day and everything is so fresh.
19. high heels or no heels
fashion, shoes, and pink image Image by too many ocs
definitely no heels
20. back packs or hand bags
girl, yellow, and grunge image yellow, aesthetic, and tumblr image
back packs
21. favorite type of movies

Mostly action, drama, real story, family friendly and sometimes (like when I am on my period) rom-coms. And musicals! :D But I really like when the movie has a deep meaning and when I can see in between the scenes more than they are telling us.

22. favorite type of transportation
Image removed train, vintage, and window image
planes, trains, buses - because I can walk in them and not sit still all the long way and I can also watch through the window and I absolutely adore traveling
23. qualities I cherish

honesty (at all costs), kindness, gratefulness, fearlessness, humbleness, reliability, supportiveness, trustworthiness, determination

24. underwear I am used to wearing
long sleeve, underwear, and comfy clothes image fashion, girl, and bed image
simple and comfy and in one color
25. my pet peeves
Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed grammar, you're, and text image
I absolutely hate when someone is chewing or sipping very loudly. I can't stand when someone has the typing sound on and the mobile does that clicking noise - it's soooo annoying! I am also a huge grammar nazi and a big perfectionist.
26. living alone or with a roommate
beauty, body, and friendship image friends, monica geller, and rachel green image
with a roommate
27. cooking or baking
breakfast, cooking, and eggs image girl, aesthetic, and kitchen image
28. am I in a relationship
2000s, new york, and quote image funny, that 70s show, and Mila Kunis image
29. if I could choose only one type of food to eat till the rest of life
Image by 起承𝔏𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔶 𝔐𝔦𝔠𝔥𝔞𝔢𝔩轉結⁷ˢʰᵃᵈᵒʷ𝔲𝔤𝔥 cheese, pasta, and food image
30. do I want to have children
baby, cute, and kids image child, family, and kids image
Yes! :)

Thank you for reading until the end. I had fun writing this article and also freshening my memory up with things that I like. Until next time. :*

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