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I'll be showing you how do I might look like if I were on the tv show, the society

basic info
name : Berenice
birthday : 17.04.01
zodiac sign : aries
age : 18

personality :

sensitive, bubbles, and quotes image love, sun, and radiate image quotes, yellow, and progress image Temporarily removed
emotional, full of love and kindness, never loses hope, believes in miracle, was angry at the government, but now kinda regrets it

appearance :

girl, beach, and aesthetic image cafe and girl image
black hair, short, always smiling, pale skin

style :

fashion, black, and outfit image fashion, grunge, and outfit image
kinda grunge but mostly casual, but mainly black outfits

house :

plants, aesthetic, and cat image cat, kitchen, and aesthetic image plants, room, and aesthetic image Image removed
not much of material, mainly plants, mirrors, and windows, rooftop, a lot of ppl come sleep here

prom dress :

dress, fashion, and black image Temporarily removed
classy, sexy black dress

family :

cat, aesthetic, and animals image boy, skate, and skateboard image
had a brother, made everything together, and was close to her parents too

love interest :

guitar, music, and boy image boy, smoke, and couple image Temporarily removed captain america, Marvel, and soldier image
alexander, her boyfriend for almost a year, part of the guards cause he was in the football team, leo sun and libra rising, he's friend with Harry, Campbell and Clark, but will do anything for her girlfriend or the wellness of the town

Harry, Allie or Lexie :

the society and kathryn newton image tv show, netflix, and the society image
even tho I reallllyy love Harry, Allie is the only one with a set up mind for the place of mayor

would u have parties at the first night ?

aesthetic, cool kids, and drinks image the society, helena, and LUke image
ofc, and she stil doesn't understand the curfew, she wish they could party almost every nights aha

chores :

Kelly, Sam, and becca image Abusive image
learning medicine with Kelly and Gordie, she always dreamt to be a doctor

friends :

the society image the society, helena, and LUke image clark, jason, and LUke image the society, kathryn newton, and sean berdy image
best friend with Grizz and Becca, but really close with the guards and Harry too, but she's part of Allie's squad : Will, Gordie, Kelly, Sam..

ennemies :

lowell, the society, and toby wallace image beauty, girl, and lights image
no one particularly, but Campbell and Lexie whenever they try to take the power

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and apologize for my mistakes, English isn't my native language:)

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