If you want you can check out the first part but either way let's start...
I'm going to start with the number 12. cause that's where I left off in the first part.

12. Assassination Nation

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assassination nation and pink image Abusive image

13. The Other Woman

drinking, reaction, and nicki minaj image
quotes, cameron diaz, and the other woman image
gif, subtitles, and the other woman image

14. The Devil Wears Prada

baby, quotes, and movie image
movie, the devil wears prada, and quotes image
chanel, tv show, and Anne Hathaway image

15. The Hunger Games

Image by stay moonlight
Inspiring Image on We Heart It
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16. The 5th wave

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ringer, training, and zombie image
movie, ringer, and maika monroe image

17. Salt

Angelina Jolie, salt, and gun image
actresses, Angelina Jolie, and fashion image

18. Alice in Wonderland

quotes, alice in wonderland, and movie image
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19. G.I. Jane

Demi Moore, seals, and viggo mortensen image
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g.i. jane image

20. Frida

culture, feminism, and Frida Khalo image
frida kahlo and art image
quotes, flowers, and words image

21. Million Dollar Baby

clint eastwood, film, and hilary swank image
boxing and million dollar baby image
million dollar baby image

hope you liked it...xoxoxo