Hi! How are you? Today, we are writing this article about musics. Many songs were released today, so we really wanted to do an article to rank them. We hope you’ll enjoy this article!

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aesthetic, coffee, and white image city, aesthetic, and view image
Normani - Motivation ★★☆☆☆
fashion, beige, and outfit image Image removed
Jorja Smith - Be Honest ft. Burna Boy ★★★☆☆
aesthetic, beige, and home image aesthetic, alternative, and beige image
Swae Lee - Sextasy ★★★☆☆
aesthetic, brown, and soft image aesthetic, minimalist, and beige image
PRETTYMUCH - Rock Witchu ★★★☆☆
jewelry, celine, and necklace image beige, shirt, and ulzzangs image
Charli XCX - Cross You Out ft. Sky Ferreira ★★★☆☆
aesthetic, brown, and beige image beige, minimalism, and aesthetic image
Miley Cyrus - Slide Away ★★★★☆
animal, brown, and dog image aesthetic, brown, and soft image
Taylor Swift - Lover ★★★★☆
coffee, drink, and food image quotes, aesthetic, and words image
Swae Lee - Won't Be Late ft. Drake ★★★★☆
quotes, poem, and inspiration image aethatic image
Arin Ray - Change ft. Kehlani ★★★★★


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